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This Irish Times journalist didn’t respond very well to our criticism

The Irish Times published a report yesterday by Ronan McGreevy focusing on Steven Salaita, the professor who sued the University of Illinois for denying him a promotion after a number of hateful tweets came to light.  The article (‘Criticising Israel brings ‘lifetime punishment’, says US academic’, Sept. 11th) noted some of the controversial tweets in question by the anti-Zionist academic, including “If you’re defending #Israel right now, you’re an awful human being” and “if Netanyahu appeared on TV with a necklace made from the teeth of Palestinian children, would anybody be surprised?”.

However, the report omitted Salaita’s most damning tweets.  These include a couple which defended Hamas, and one charging Israel with “incinerating children”.  In one tweet, not mentioned by the Irish Times, Salaita argued that Zionist Jews, by supporting Israel, are partly responsible for the antisemitic remarks directed towards them.  Tweets omitted by the Irish Times also include the accusation of genocide against Israel, and at least two evoking the Israel-Nazi analogy.

Another one of the worst tweets by Salaita during the war, that the Irish Times didn’t report, characterises antisemitism as something “honorable”:

McGreevy’s failure to include Salaita’s most hateful tweets represents a broader dynamic in media obfuscation of antisemitism, whereby reports on someone accused of anti-Jewish racism often conveniently omit the most damning evidence.

We noted the omission in a tweet to McGreevy,

McGreevy offered this bizarre reply:

McGreevy could have responded civilly to our tweet, but instead offered a complete non-sequitur.  This non-reply represents another example of how journalists who demand accountability from politicians and government institutions when gathering information for their reports often fail to hold themselves to the same standards when questioned by news consumers – and watchdog groups like ours.

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  1. Maybe the next question to this reporter should be to ask whether Ireland’s unreasoning anti-Israel stance is an outgrowth of its antisemitic history that includes such startling incidents as this fact that out of all Western countries only Ireland’s Prime Minister offered Nazi Germany his country’s sincere condolences on the passing of Herr Hitler.

    • The purpose of a watchdog group is to keep morally shifty (and that may be generous) organizations like the British and Irish media honest, at least to a degree.

    • Real reporters should remain objective at all times.

      By the way, why do you insist Zionists to be accountable to the perspective of a Jew hating Shit Stain? Asking for a friend.

    • Well, journalists should be accountable to the truth. The fact that you’re happy for them to lie, and to back up their lies as long as they make Israel/Jews/both look bad, is why you’re not even good at being a filthy troll.

  2. Netanyahu wouldn’t wear a necklace with the teeth of Palestinian children. This would be surprising to Salaita and this Irish fellow, because, you know, breaking the habit of spreading blood libels is quite difficult for people with such hate and savagery in their own hearts.
    Is McGreevy insinuating that Jews kill children on purpose, that hundreds of children dying in wars is somehow unprecedented, or both? To blame and try to shame a country whose military is much more careful about avoiding such casualties than any other military in the world for civilian deaths as some sort of moral pariah tells us how bigoted and ignorant these two men are. It certainly sounds like antisemitism, i.e., holding Jews to a standard not even attained by others. Either way, he is just another virtue signaling ignorant bigot.

  3. These controversial tweets aren’t particularly controversial. They are rather unacademic.

    Your organisation is similarly rather disingenuous. The UK you use is more UKIP it seems.

    Do you not tire of your monotonous biased drum?

    • Wrong. It’s due to the bias in the British and Irish media that this website exists. If “news” sites like the BBC, Guardian, and the Independent would actually adhere to their own standards, there wouldn’t be a need for this site.

  4. What is it about antisemites like , John and Mr Stephen Bellamy that they have to continuously troll Pro Jewish sites? I mean are they just insecure malcontents? That they embrace far left, most likely! Or far right politics?. Because that is where you find most of their ilk..I have yet to hear any of them come up with concrete, proven facts! As an Irish person myself, I completely know where that very biased Irish journalist, is coming from. I grew up with his type! And it never had anything to do with Israel, in fact Isreal was never mentioned! Until Antisemitism became most unacceptable. Most Hide their anti-Semitism behind Israel, particularly the Left. They only gave Jews some time of day, when they were victims. They hate successful Jews and particularly a very successful, tiny Jewish country. The far Right, are more up front. They hate Jews full stop! A more twisted honesty!