UKMW prompts Times of London correction on Hamas’s terror designation

On Thursday, we complained to Times of London editors over an article by Bel True and Anshel Pfeffer (Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas agree deal to govern Gaza together, Oct. 13th) which suggested that only Israel considers Hamas a terror organisation.

You can see the original wording in the sentence in question in a follow-up tweet we sent to the two Times journalists.

In our email to editors, we noted previous articles they’ve published which correctly noted that the UK, US and EU (and other individual countries) consider Hamas a terror group as well.

The following day, we were informed the that passage had been revised. (They attributed the omission to an editing error.) 

Here’s the new language:

We commend Times of London editors on the prompt correction.

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  1. The statement of “is believed to have tens of thousands of rockets and a network of tunnels” is also wrong. Hamas has bragged about having them, so it is beyond a mere belief.

  2. It is amazing that such a basic error was made by journalists then by editors and sub-editors.
    The information about which individuals, groups/entities are designated as terrorists is publicly available.
    A link to the list of individuals, groups/entities outside the EU, (a separate list for those inside the EU is also publicly available) is below,

    There are some so-called journalists I wouldn’t pay with washers.