For 6th time since 2016, UKMW prompts Times of London correction on Israeli capital

For the sixth time in less than two years, UK Media Watch has prompted a correction at Times of London to the false suggestion that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital.  The latest example appeared in a book review published at the paper written by Justin Marozzi (Book review: Enemies and Neighbours: Arabs and Jews in Palestine and Israel, 1917–2017 by Ian Black, Oct. 29th).

Here’s the relevant paragraph:

We complained to editors, and received a reply confirming that it’s not their editorial policy to use Tel Aviv as an metonym for the Israeli government, and that the appropriate editor would communicate their concerns to Mr. Marozzi.

Later, we received this reply from Marozzi, in response to our Tweet from yesterday alerting him to the error.

Today, the correction appeared. Here’s the new language.

Though we of course commend Times of London editors for making the correction, it really is quite remarkable that so many of their contributors and journalists committed such an error in the first place.

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  1. I am so glad the second largest colonial empire in the world thinks that they can give our lands to the largest colonial empire. It shows their total ignorance of real history and mere facts. Typical of the ‘British education system’

    • Quite right gee.
      What can you expect from a newspaper with an Editor born in South Africa, and owned by Rupert Murdoch who is Australian by birth but American by choice. After all Murdoch also owns Fox News and we all know what a beacon for good journalism, full of truth and facts that is.

      Now what is that you were writing about ignorance of mere facts?

  2. As for Mr. Levick: you “of course commend Times of London editors”? Of course? Even after 6 identical incidents? Is that not an editor’s job to catch such errors? Or is that your own typo and you meant “condemn” not commend”?

    • The Arab Empire is the largest by far. From Morocco to Iraq, the Arabs have invaded, robbed, raped, converted, murdered and colonized the lands and peoples. Arabs are from ARABIA, not Morocco.

      The 2nd largest is the British Empire. It still occupies colonies around the world. The 3rd largest is France, they too have colonies around the globe.

      You are free to look up all the colonies, even the US has a few like Puerto Rico, American Virgin Islands, Guam and American Samoa.

      • Do list the British ‘colonies’, dear.
        I know several Puerto Ricans, and they would laugh at your US ‘colonies’ nonsense.

  3. Not again!!! Can there be any doubt that this continuing reference to Tel Aviv as the imputed capital of Israel is deliberate? And their cheeky correction is hardly better, refusing to use the word “Jeruslaem” and instead simply saying “Israel”.

    • It’ll dawn on them, in Time, that having admitted their error even once, they are now displaying their donkeyheadedness by simply repeating their mistake and waiting for Adam Levick to call them to order until they once again admit that they were wrong.

      Who knows, given decades of slow learning they might even correctly write, Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.

      • “Can there be any doubt that this continuing reference to Tel Aviv as the imputed capital of Israel is deliberate?”

        One of the few times I’ve agreed wholeheartedly with AKUS – which really is saying something.

        • pretzelberg it is nice to see you post here again.
          Although we have our disagreements I can honestly say that I miss reading your posts.

    • @AKUS – My feelings exactly. Why do I get the mental image of some editor putting his fingers down his throat to throw up rather that utter the word “Jerusalem” as Israel’s capital?

  4. Why does no one consider Philadelphia the heart of democracy? And is there a city with more oppression of its native population than Washington, D.C., whose citizens are taxed without representation?

    Got to love intransigence.

  5. The frequency of this “error”, and the fact that the correction did not use the word ‘Jerusalem’ points to the fact that this is an intentional policy. It might be an idea to see if there is an avoidance of the use of the word ‘Jerusalem’ which cannot be so easily explained away.

  6. One thing is certain Farmer: you do not determine what Israel’s capital is, except in your own delusions that your opinion actually matters.