For 3rd time in 5 months, UKMW prompts Daily Mail correction to “Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital” claim.

It’s actually extraordinary that, following literally dozens of UKMW prompted corrections to this error over the years, UK media outlets are still erroneously characterising Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital.  The latest example appeared in the headline accompanying an article in the Australian edition of the Daily Mail:

We contacted editors, who promptly upheld our complaint – under the terms of Australian Press Council’s Statements of General Principles – and revised the headline accordingly:

In November 2017 and February 2018 and we prompted corrections to Daily Mail articles which included variations of the same error regarding Israel’s capital.

Though we’ve been very successful at prompting editors to revise language falsely suggesting that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital, most media outlets nonetheless stubbornly refuse to acknowledge that Jerusalem holds this status.

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  1. And Jerusalem will not be the capital of Palestine until a peace agreement is signed after good-faith negotiations by both sides, which will never happen until the Palestinians grow up and accept that they won’t get everything they want. Don’t bother making reservations. There won’t be a seat for you at that table.

      • If someone like George Galloway came out and said that Israel caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, Farmer would bleat that it’s “Israeli propaganda” to say otherwise.

  2. I find it interesting that if one looks at the demographics of ‘east Jerusalem’ in 1947 it is over 80% Jewish, but according to the leftists that make it an Arab majority in their books

    • I find it interesting that Israel is the most left wing state in the entire Middle East, and one of the more environmentally conscious states in the entire world, i.e. a nation of Tree Huggers. I also find it interesting that the nations who hate Israel, i.e. the other nations in the Middle East, are all right wing nationalists. And by that I mean, a complete lack of democracy. And yet a right wing nutter will bleat on about how the Lefties are the true enemy.

      Because, you know, Hitler was a vegetarian.

    • km,
      Is Ireland “right wing”?
      Is Iceland “right wing”?
      Is scotland “right wing”?

      Is the UK’s Laboor Party “right wing”?

      No. They are all Left Wing, Socialists which hate Israel.

      • Poland is right wing. Russia is right wing. (Remember how much like them? Except Stalin, of course. Because you wouldn’t like that guy who only jailed his enemies in work camps. You wouldn’t do that, would you, Right Wing Nationalist and Overall Lunatic?)

        It’s cute how you think you’re smart. Denouncing all for sake of the few shows your limited range of thinking.

        As a reminder, Chief, I think YOU’RE a moron. Not a whole nation of you. Just you. And of course the crazy Hag who will now respond this message.

        • Is Cuba “right wing”?
          Is Venezuela “right wing”?
          Is China “right wing”?

          When did Russia flip from Left Wing to “Right Wing”?

          If Russia is Right Wing then Pootin would be allied with the US – but Pootin backs reactionary dictatorships like Fascist Iran, Fascist Assad.

          When have American Socialists demonstrated against Russia?
          Which Left Wing pundits, magazines, Pacifica radio shows constantly slam Pootin?

          I challenge you to show us – if you are up to the challenge, comrade.

  3. Gee wiz, why no explanation that Israel, the US, Guatemala and some other countries happen to think Jerusalem is Israel’s capital? They’re not confused, the British media and government are. Mass confusion, as they’re not even able to distinguish the good guys from the bad guys.