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Guardian uses cycling column to “suggest” Palestinians “have been shot from behind and intentionally maimed.”

By Richard Millett

Hot on the heels of the BBC using its cycling report on the Israeli stage of the Giro d’Italia to quote Amnesty International’s accusation that Israel is “trying to ‘sportwash’ its reputation” comes the Guardian’s equally vindictive journalism care of Martha Kelner in Jerusalem.

In her Giro d’Italia report of May 3rd headlined Team Sky accused of deceiving Giro d’Italia organisers over Froome’s status Kelner writes:


As you can see no link, no evidence at all, just “Amnesty International suggesting”.

Here is how Amnesty has also “suggested”. At its London offices it allowed to be displayed this presumably faked photograph which manipulated a Jewish symbol, with additional Holocaust equivalence, to demonise Israelis (I say “presumably” because I have still to see anything proving it’s real):


The caption on this photograph displayed at Amnesty’s main offices in London reads: “The soldier, checking student’s ability to bear pain, took a piece of glass and broke it and taking Qasam’s arm, cut into it a Star of David.” The plaster doesn’t even fit properly over the “wound”.

A regular presenter at Amnesty is Ben “I do not consider myself an anti-Semite, yet I can also understand why some are” White. Another presenter has been Ken Loach. It was Loach who last year was asked about a Labour Party event where a discussion took place on whether the Holocaust happened. When asked whether this was acceptable Loach responded “I think history is for us all to discuss, wouldn’t you?” Loach later claimed it was a “confused BBC interview”.

But obviously not content with her May 3rd report Kelner quotes Amnesty yet again in her May 5th report of the race headlined “Chris Froome refuses to press panic button after finding safety in peloton”:


There’s the “sportwash” allegation again. Although Kelner did reference race organiser Sylvan Adams who, she writes, “inherited his property company from his father, a Romanian-born Holocaust survivor”, in his criticism of Amnesty for “politicising a sporting event”:

“He said he hoped the event would both encourage more of the population to cycle but also alter the image Israel abroad.

‘The media tend to portray Israel in a one-dimensional fashion, always talking about the conflict, and it’s not the Israel I experience on a daily basis where we all largely get along,’ he said. ‘That’s a story which visitors to Israel grasp but remains a bit of a secret to the wider world.'”

Amnesty has a very cosy relationship with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign which campaigns for the end of Israel via boycott, divestment and sanctions. I have seen emails between Amnesty and the PSC about me with the PSC email to Amnesty signed off “Hope you’re well, and best wishes,” with Amnesty replying “Ha – comical. Yea he has not tweeted about it either – how funny. cheers”. This was when I attended a PSC event and the PSC were emailing Amnesty to tell them I’d been “arrested” at the event, which was yet another fabrication.

This symbiotic relationship between the BBC, The Guardian and Amnesty/PSC has to stop. It’s nothing more than propaganda dressed up as journalism. And Amnesty needs to be investigated by the Charity Commission for its anti-Israel bias continued next week by its takeover of RADA for “commemorating the Palestinian experience of dispossession and loss of a homeland” along with its anti-Israel performers.

Amnesty’s Kristyan Benedict said of the RADA events, “Amnesty International UK is honoured to support this important week of cultural resistance.” But then again Benedict equated Israel with ISIS (he referred to Israel as #JSIL?) and during Israel’s last war against Hamas he joked about three British MPs ordering B52s in a bar. Those three MPs all just happened to be Jewish…








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  1. Good job, Richard.

    I guess the small difference between the cyclists and the would-be army of invaders from Gaza is that the cyclists were invited, the Italians agreed to hold the race in Israel, and neither the cyclists nor the Giro organization are trying to destroy Israel.

    So, sadly for the BBC and Guardian, no cyclists are going to be shot.

  2. The Guardian ‘standard” is going down and down. On subjects involving Israel, there are very very few comment enabled articles. Also, I have seen comment enabled articles where I am informed that the comments are pre-moderated.

    That is very interesting.

    But. Most controversial and serious subjects are not comment enabled. That includes any article impinging on Israel, most article impinging on Iran. There hasn’t been a single comment enabled article on Gaza for at least 2 months. And according to The Guardian ‘Gaza Presentation, the demonstrations next to the border are ‘peaceful’.

    It’s just laughable. What was once The Manchester Guardian, has become a big joke.

  3. Israel’s dismal human rights record? Give us a break. Without traveling too far they could be reporting on Hamas’ and the PLO’s truly dismal human rights records. Not reporting in an honest and objective way on human rights means that Amnesty now has a dismal record on protecting human rights.
    The little picture of the Jewish star on the arm is yet another attempt at holocaust revisionism/denial, meant to replace the tattoos branded on the arms of holocaust victims and survivors in an ugly contempt for victims of an apparently still unquenched european thirst for the persecution of world jewry. The Guardian, BBC, and Amnesty can run, but they can’t hide.

  4. When you have a significant number of deaths, say they’re all civilians. When the number of deaths are too few to fan the hysteria, come up with an outrageous number of injuries.

  5. I wish someone in the UK would start a campaign to pressure companies which advertise in the pages of Der Guardian to STOP doing so.

    Put the screws on Der Guardian to tell the truth, and not publish Islamist/Socialist lies and propaganda.