UKMW prompts Daily Express correction to 2 claims in same article that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital

On Oct. 7th, we complained to Daily Express editors about an article that misleadingly used Tel Aviv as a synonym for Israel’s capital twice in the same article, as we noted in a tweet to the journalist:

It took nearly two weeks, but editors finally corrected both sentences:

Here’s the first sentence we objected to:

Here’s the revised sentence:

Here’s the second sentence we objected to:

Here’s the revised sentence:


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  1. You can just hear the gritted teeth, can’t you. The DM’s continuing refusal to admit that Jerusalem is where the Israeli government is, without having to spell it out, is really annoying. Try “Number 10 Downing Street, the seat of the British Prime Minister, continued today to prevaricate over British reaction to the disappearance of a Saudi journalist.”

  2. They know that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and the Jewish people, and has never been the capital of any others. But like petulant children, they can’t bring themselves to say so.
    Come on, say it. You’ll feel better, and I’ll even give you a cookie.

  3. Fun fact…. Washington, D.C., was not the original capital of the United States. Another fun fact, the people in the District of Columbia, the adopted center of American government, do not have the same voting rights as all other United States citizens. A fact so obvious it is emblazoned on their license plates: Taxation Without Representation. Final fun fact…. NO ONE GIVES A SHIT.

    But Israel has to apologize for maintaining its capital over the past almost 70 years in Jerusalem. Not because of anti-Semiism, of course, but because of criticism. And who could deny anyone’s right to do that?

    • P.S. Most of the people in the DC area are, indeed, black. One would think the intersectionalists might’ve said something about this. That is, if they were worth their weight, which they ain’t.