UKMW prompts Guardian correction to claim Israeli police crash dance parties in Ramallah

Do Israeli police raid and break up dance parties in PA controlled Palestinian cities in the West Bank?  That’s what an interview in the The Observer (sister site of the Guardian) with Palestinian rapper Muqata’a, focusing on Ramallah’s dance culture, claimed. (Muqata’a: ‘Our music is a way to disrupt, to be a glitch in the system’, Oct. 20).

Whilst Israeli security forces do at times enter Palestinian cities within Area A to search for terrorists, or investigate terrorist activity, the notion that the IDF would send in forces to raid a Ramallah rave strained credulity, skepticism we expressed in a tweet to the Guardian journalist, Kieran Yates, and the Palestinian rapper.

Muqataa replied to our tweet to confirm that, as we suspected, the Guardian was wrong.  Yates then assured us it would be corrected, which it was.

Here’s the new sentence:

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  1. It’s pitiful that the Guardian needed reminding that Palestinian cities have been under Palestinian control for nearly a quarter-century.

    • The Guardian recognises that they are under Israeli overall control but policed on its behalf by the PA.

      Were you a Guardian reader you would be less ignorant of the occupation.

      • UKMW recognizes that the PA has police authority in the Areas A and B. You are obviously too obsessed with “occupation” to understand anything else.

    • PA shuts them down for men and women dancing together.

      PA only allows Same-Sex dance parties – or men and goats together.

    • Were Mike Farmer a reader of something other than The Guardian, he would be addressing his own ignorance of Israeli-Palestinian nuance rather than accusing others of the same. Such as bombing stoning, shooting, running over and stabbing of Israeli civilians being among those silly “other reasons” Israeli police would intervene.

    • “So, the PA shuts them down for being too loud.” Yes, er, of course, Farmer. Otherwise the PA is a benign and benevolent force for fostering democratic values. Yeah, I’m sure that must be it.

      “Israel raids for other reasons.” Yeah, like chasing down Jew killers inspired by the mad ravings of the PA, the Guardian, and you.

  2. Apparently Mr. Farmer doesn’t even read The Guardian. As the story we are commenting under reports, the issue at hand was that the rapper’s specific initial assertion was that the Israeli Police shut him down because of noise and neighborhood annoyance.

      • It turns out that they do read; little neo-Nazi pamphlets and comic strips, cartoons by Steve Bell, websites such as “Palestine Live” (a Corbyn fave, chock full of antisemites), etc.
        Sure, it’s remedial, but it’s the only way to qualify for a driver’s license.

  3. First, it was the “Israeli police,” and then when it turns out it’s the Palestinian police, the Guardian, which usually cannot say “Palestinian” enough in its pages, decides it was just “the police”. That’s so hilarious! I am almost embarrassed for them.

  4. The disgusting Guardian again – today blaming Trump for the tragedy in Pittsburgh and lying about the Jewish community’s reaction to the visit by the President.

    • Anti-Semitism in the US has risen significantly since the Orange One got in office. And more than 50,000 people signed the open letter asking Orange One to stay home for at least another week. Why? Because public safety resources need to be used by the Jewish community of Pittsburgh so that they can bury the 11 dead.

      The President was rejected by everybody he invited to join him (aside from Jared and Ivanka). That’s embarrassing and it’s all on him. Not the Guardian. Not CNN. Him.

      • How many people signed an open letter denouncing louie farraklan for his anti-semitism?????????????????????????

      • Actually, if you look at the stats, physical crime against Jews, the most serious category, had dropped very significantly (about 2 thirds) in 2017 from where it was in 2015 which was quite high. Should we blame Obama for it spiking in 2015 and should Trump get credit for it dropping in 2017?
        I don’t think so. Antisemitism does not come from any one place on the political, or any other, spectrum. Blaming Trump for the attack is more than just asinine, and it is incredibly divisive on its own. At a time when Jews should be united over defeating antisemitism, some on the left are practically calling for pogroms on other Jews because of their support for the President or his policies, i.e., moving the embassy to Jerusalem, dealing with illegal immigration, tax cuts, trade, or what have you. These should be topics of political discussion and argument. Instead they’re being used by these Torquemadas to denounce and condemn people for holding quite mainstream political views. Antisemitism has been rising for decades whether you’d like to acknowledge that or not. It has been rising all over the world, as you have acknowledged. Whilst there hasn’t been a single act with as much carnage as in Pittsburgh, it hasn’t been for lack of trying. Most have been 2 or 3 victims at a time, and certainly not all were white supremacists. And it hasn’t been just white supremacist neo-Nazi f___ heads trying. I’m talking about here in the United States of America. NYC has had an incredible amount of physical attacks on Jews, and plots to kill them, and none of those have been by far right perps.
        And because they had been committed by certain minority groups including Muslims, the mainstream media has either ignored it, or even claimed that the perps are the real victims. Intersectionality, you see.
        The point is that it’s not really about Trump, it’s about antisemitism. And using it as a partisan cudgel against Trump who has never endorsed antisemitism in any way misses the point, and degrades it.
        But who am I to disagree with 50,000 schmucks? That would be like you disagreeing with millions of people around the world (including some of those 50,000 signatories) who just “know” that Israel is “wrong.”