For 5th time in a year, UKMW prompts media correction to ‘settler-only roads’ lie

For the 5th time in less than a year, UK Media Watch has prompted a correction in the British media to the false claim that there are “settler-only roads” in the West Bank.  The latest such claim was in an op-ed at the Independent by Sophia Brown, a London-based academic (Israel’s assault on Palestinian universities is a threat to human rights and a tragedy for this generation of students, Oct. 22), as we noted in this tweet:

We followed up with an email to Indy editors, demonstrating that there have never been “settler-only” (or “Jews-only”) roads in the West Bank”.  Editors upheld our complaint and corrected the sentence, which now reads as follows:

Whilst the new sentence, which replaced the false claim that there are “settler-only roads” with the claim that there are “roads which are closed to Palestinians”, is technically accurate, we should stress that the overwhelming majority of West Bank roads are open to both Israeli and Palestinian traffic.  According to pro-Palestinian NGOs, only 40 km of roads in the entire West Bank are restricted to Palestinians.  To place this restriction on Palestinians in context, Israelis are forbidden to drive on all roads in the PA controlled West Bank (Area A).

In addition to the Independent, over the last year UK Media Watch has prompted corrections to the “settler-only roads” claim at the Financial Times, Telegraph, Guardian and Daily Mail

(See more CAMERA prompted corrections to variations of this erroneous claim, here, here and here)

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  1. Big bad Nazi Mike has a simple message for us all: HE IS ONTO US.

    He knows about the Talmud. He knows about circumcision. He knows about our banks and our government influence. He knows it all.

    And despite what this blog piece indicates, he knows all about THE ROADS.

  2. I remember the first time I heard this ‘settler only roads’ canard. The simplicity and stupidity of the claim is striking. It is made to appeal to imbeciles.
    But what if there were such a thing? Then only ‘settlers’ would be allowed to use them. Right? And that would exclude most Israelis of any religion or ethnicity and most of world Jewry, wouldn’t it? Unless one regards all Israeli Jews, and only the Jews as ‘settlers’. Such a formulation would be truly racist, and in fact is.

  3. “A substantial issue is freedom of movement.”
    Not really. It’s just more of the same deflections from the real issue of the never ending war of the Mideast’s Arab majority on its tiny Jewish minority. Checkpoints? Made necessary by the ongoing war against Israel’s existence, and were few and far between before Oslo.
    Then of course is the Indy’s use of the term “Separation wall” for the security fence which is plainly a security fence. The British media on the whole engages in the use of such war propaganda terminology on a regular basis. Can they do this and be fair? No.

    And what does it mean for Palestinian Universities today? They must mean, as opposed to ‘yesterday’ when Palestinian universities didn’t exist, for historical reasons concerning actual peoples and nation states that Indy readers deserve to be informed of but sadly aren’t, as every damn one of them was built after 1967 and the supposedly ‘brutal occupation’ the Indy and British media never tire of reminding their readers about.

    But Israel, as any country, will not give the kind of freedom of movement to people required to come and kill them. Obvious to a 1st grader, but not to the MSM.