BBC issues correction to inaccurate Jerusalem elections claim

This is a cross-post from BBC Watch.

As documented here at the beginning of the month, an audio report concerning the municipal elections in Jerusalem that was aired on the BBC Radio 4 ‘Today’ programme and in two editions of the BBC World Service radio programme ‘Newshour’ on October 30th included the inaccurate claim that for the first time, a Palestinian candidate was running for a seat on the city council.

BBC erases crucial background from report on Jerusalem election

BBC Watch submitted a complaint concerning that inaccurate claim, pointing out that even Palestinian sources acknowledge that this is far from the first time that an Arab resident of Jerusalem has been on the ballot paper.

The response we received includes the following:

“Thanks for getting in touch about our report on October 30.

We looked into this for you and appreciate you raising the matter with us. You’re correct about a precedent lying elsewhere, so we’ve published a correction in line with our complaints framework:

Many thanks once again for bringing this to our attention.”

The correction reads as follows:



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  1. I noticed in the original story on BBCWatch that the BBC makes a big deal in telling us (incorrectly) that no ‘palestinians’ have run for office since Israel captured the eastern portion of the city, and that its ‘occupation’ it is not recognized by the ‘international community’. They however failed to explain that it was captured from Jordan whose occupation was deemed quite kosher by Britain. (The British gave it full recognition, even though most of the ‘international community’ didn’t, yet that didn’t seem to bother them.) I regard that as kind of a big miss. So has a Jordanian run for office in “Israeli occupied” “Jordanian” Jerusalem? Does the BBC ever mention that Arab residents are participating in municipal elections against the wishes of the PA, i.e., that in fact they are defying the PA? Or does the BBC just wish to here itself again repeating ‘palestinian’ over and over again to badmouth the Israelis?
    How are things going in northern Cypress? I hear it is full of great vacation rentals perfect for BBC suits and well-paid writers.