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UKMW prompts correction to Scottish paper’s claim that Israeli Knesset is in Tel Aviv

A Nov. 25th article in the Scotland Herald maintained that the paper’s Jerusalem correspondent interview with Israeli Deputy Minister Michael Oren took place at the Knesset – in Tel Aviv.

We tweeted the journalist, Peter Swindon, to alert him to the error.  A couple of hours later we received a reply apologising and informing us that it was corrected.

Here’s the revised sentence:

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  1. The Knesset, of course, is in what used to be called West Jerusalem. I doubt even the Scotland Herald would publicly take the position that Israel has no right to any part of Jerusalem. The only basis for that would be to resurrect the non-binding UN resolution that sought to make Jerusalem and Bethlehem a corpus separatum administered internationally. The Arabs rejected the idea and went to war. I doubtthe Scots want to bring that violence to their doorstep by taking up that idea now.

  2. And yes Leah, the United States occupies the area from San Diego northwesterly to southwestern Wyoming. However, to the U.S.’s credit, they don’t claim that Israel “occupies” any of its territory.

    • Thank you, Michael, I was going to correct you, but nice you corrected yourself first. If British, and other, newspapers could only learn to do the same without having to be prompted.

      • No problem. I don’t why, but when I was young I somehow internalized a reversal of east and west. I even have a degree in geography, lol.

  3. It’s a peculiar error to begin with. How could the reporter himself have forgotten where he was? Was it really severe absentmindedness? Or something more pernicious?