For 7th time since 2017, UKMW prompts Times of London correction on Israeli capital

Our pinned tweet highlights the fact that Times of London – though one of the fairer British media outlets reporting on Israel – continues to erroneously suggest that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital.

Though for a period of more than a year following that tweet, their contributors refrained from making such errors, we spotted another one recently, in an article by their Istanbul correspondent titled “Israel steps up attacks on Hezbollah in Damascus”.

Here’s the sentence:

However, Tel Aviv now fears that, as Syria’s war draws to a close, Hezbollah could use its new strongholds inside Syria to launch cross-border attacks.

Following communication with editors, “Tel Aviv” was changed to “Israel”. Though this represents a correction, it also represents a pattern of British media outlets refusing to acknowledge the simple fact that Jerusalem is of course Israel’s capital.


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