UKMW prompts Telegraph correction to false stat on Israeli support for 2 states

In the Jan. 9th edition of the Telegraph’s new weekly newsletter, Letter from Jerusalem, their correspondent Raf Sanchez wrote that “only around 43 per cent of Israelis support a two-state solution today”.

However, the Times of Israel article he linked to, and the actual poll results, make it clear that this number only represents the views of Israeli Jews, and that if you include the views of non-Jewish citizens, Israeli support for two states is actually over 49 per cent.

We contacted Telegraph editors, who upheld our complaint and included a note about the error in the Jan. 16th edition of the newsletter.

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  1. Your enthusiasm for correcting Western media gets sillier by the week. These figures just show that a majority of Israeli Jews presumably support a permanent apartheid single state while Israeli Palestinians overwhelmingly still back the two state solution that no Israeli government will ever allow.

    • Wrong again, sencar. Understandable, only because you live in the UK bubble.
      What it shows is that most Israelis realize there is no partner for peace on the other side that has demonstrated that proclivity repeatedly. The British government and media don’t bother with such evidence. For most of them it’s like it never happened.

      I do believe that Adam provided a link to a piece by Matti Friedman. Perhaps you should broaden your parochial horizons by reading it. But be careful !

      • Would you be a bit less idiotic then you would know that there no Israeli Palestinians only Israeli Arabs and Palestinian Arabs.

    • You continue to prove that you are lying moron. The only side that promotes apartheid is your Islamofascist masters. They state that they want all of the land without any Jews.

      You make a great nazi troll and that is the best we can ever hope for from such a stupid bigot like you