Robert Fisk: Politicians are “blackmailed” by false charges of antisemitism

Robert Fisk’s latest anti-Israel diatribe at the Independent promotes a recent op-ed in the NY Times by academic Michelle Alexander – titled “Breaking the Silence on Palestine” – that was demolished by our colleague Tamar Sternthal.

You can read Sternthal’s piece here.

However, Fisk, among those who seriously believe there’s a “silence” about “Palestinians” to break, added his own take on Alexander’s ‘insights’ into the debate over the Israeli-Palestinian issue, including the following charge against those who support Israel.

Though he’s referring to American politics, the accusation that supporters of Israel engage in false charges of antisemitism to silence criticism of the state is a smear used by many of Jeremy Corbyn’s most ardent supporters to deflect charges that he’s hostile to Jews.  So, it’s not a stretch to conclude that Fisk may likely believe, for instance, that the 85% of British Jews who think Corbyn is indeed antisemitic are not genuinely concerned about the future of Jewish life in the country, but are, instead, acting in bad faith.

If Fisk wants to carefully refute specific charges of antisemitism leveled against some anti-Zionist ideologues he’s of course free to do so. But, it’s morally indefensible and intellectually lazy to not only blanketly dismiss the allegations, but also vilify such accusers by imputing sinister motives.  

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    • Reality: Politicians are “blackmailed” by charges of “islamoFAUXbia” to silence Hamass/Hezbola criticism

    • Fisk is right on the money and could have listed pages of concrete examples to back him up. USS Liberty could be a start. Fisk gave your blackmail tactics a fist in the face. Good for him, and great for all of us who value free speech and justice!

      • For the morally bankrupt, there is no such thing as anti-Semitism. As for the USS Liberty, there have been documented cases of friendly fire throughout history. Mendacious individuals jump to assume when it comes to Israel.

  1. How Robert Fisk promoted the Jenin massacre hoax

    Most notoriously, he has never properly repudiated the false claims made in his April 2002 articles on the Battle of Jenin in which, despite being in California at the time, he described the “stench of death wafting out from the Palestinian city” and accused “Israel’s undisciplined soldiery” of “running amok,” massacring “hundreds” and concealing the evidence from the world.

    Fisk, at first, defended himself by claiming that he never actually described Jenin as a ‘massacre’ and, to be fair to him, this was true. But in writing of “the evidence of mass killings,” the “hundreds of corpses — some of which disappeared, some of which appear to have been secretly buried” and of an Israeli army “that has not yet finished filling the mass graves of Jenin,” he left no room for doubt as to the impression of events that he wanted to leave.

    He then attempted to shift to blame for the ‘massacre’ rumour onto Israel, asserting that it was IDF officer, Ron Kitrey, who first spoke of “apparently hundreds” of dead, conveniently ignoring the fact that Kitrey quickly clarified that he was referring to “casualties – those killed or wounded” rather than solely to the number of dead. Today, Fisk defends his second-hand story by arguing that the 52 Palestinian deaths (38 of them terrorist combatants) actually constituted a massacre.

    Fisk’s unwillingness to acknowledge his errors is unfortunate given the frequency with which what he calls the “old Fisk prediction machine” gets things so wrong.

    • Explain Dani, the insistence by the UK ‘Jewish Community’ and the Jewish tabloids the fervour in which they insisted that Labour adopt the Jewish designed, augmented IHRA definitions containing reference to a foreign state.

      • There’s only one word to describe someone as despicable as you and that is “antisemitic”! The proof is the way you refer to Jews. We don’t have to justify anything to you, Mr Farmer. Your insolence, your disrespect, your contempt and above all, your trolling of Jews and Jewish websites, describe you perfectly. bYou obviously don’t have any life other than trolling and insulting Jews.

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