UKMW prompts Guardian to correct misleading caption

Last week, we tweeted in response to a misleading caption below a Guardian video segment on Israel’s interception, over the Golan Heights, of an Iranian missile fired (by Iranian troops) from Syrian territory.

We contacted Guardian editors, who upheld our complaint and removed the false claim that it was a “Syrian” missile. 

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  1. Good catch Adam, but note that they continue as on the “old days” to protect Iran by leaving out that it was an Iranian missile.

    Why do they have this protective fascination with Iran, which would blast the UK with missiles if it could????

    This was just “a missile” (presumably fired by a group of irate Trump voters).

    • Organize a campaign to demand that companies which advertise in the pages of Der Guardian to STOP supporting Fascist Racist Terrorist Arab/Muslim terrorist entities because it undermines their corporate image.

      Squeeze Der Guardian where it hurts – in their purse.

  2. So, instead of stating incorrectly that it was a Syrian missile, the Guardian of anti-Israel bigotry and propaganda to match now will leave it to the reader’s imagination to draw seemingly obvious, but wildly incorrect, conclusion. They are carrying water for Tehran. They would die before admitting that Iran poses a real and serious threat to Israel, the region, and a peaceful resolution to the long Arab war against the Jews. They can’t even bring themselves to admit that the Arab/Israel conflict is even the Arab/Israel conflict, or that the Iranians have no legitimate business in these Arab countries.