Guardian misleads on ‘Israel Lobby’ article

A Guest Post by Joe Geary

Perhaps the single greatest staple of anti-Semites of all stripes – rightwing, leftwing, religious (Muslim or Christian) – is the “Jewish money” trope, often expressed as the Israel/Zionist/Jewish lobby controlling the US (always in evil ways of course). Its most recent airing was by Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, whose ‘woke’ position was bravely defended by the Guardian:

Guardian, Feb. 15

However, the headline is at odds with the facts reported in the body of the article. It turns out that only $5 million of that $22 million is spent on political lobbying, whilst the rest is spent on promoting tourism to Israel, investment in Israeli tech and medicine and such.

So how does the $5 million spent by the nefarious “Zionist lobby” compare to other lobbying? I’m afraid the antisemites are in for a little disappointment.

The healthcare/health insurance industry which spends a massive $556m trying to influence public policy. Nutritional and dietary supplement industry alone spends $6m, as much as the “Zionists”. When did you last hear of the Vitamins lobby running America?

Of the single issue lobbies, the pro-gun lobby outspends the gun control lobby by $12m to $2m. No great surprises there. What might come as news is that environmental groups lobby to the tune of $17m and human rights groups together spend a grand total of $50m. Perhaps not all lobbying is evil then.*

So, if the pro-Israel lobby is so limited in its spending, if the Zionist “tentacles” are so relatively short, how do we explain to antisemites why the US public is generally so pro-Israel? Could it be that Americans simply recognise and support other democracies and free societies, especially when under constant attack by non-democratic, despotic and sometimes Islamist neighbours?

One last thing. Hidden deep inside that Guardian article is this little nugget:

“The pro-Israel lobby […] gave to Democrats at a two to one ratio”

But aren’t the Democrats in opposition in 2018? Why give money to them? Do you still think Jewish money runs the US?

*All figures are from the Open site, the same source used by the Guardian.

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  1. We certainly control their minds for free. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to charge us rent for occupying their skulls for most of their worthless lives

  2. Excellent fact-based rebuttal. Facts are a bitch, Joe. The Guardian never seems to understand this. Perhaps they do not know how to use that internet thing to check their facts?

    • It’s worse than laziness or incompetence. These stats were available on the websites linked to by the journalist. It was deliberate covering up and deception.

  3. So the Guardian looked at Open and came up with “Zionists” controlling America? It’s the type of distortion worthy of any openly antisemitic publication. One would expect this from such journalistic luminaries such as the NOI’s Sinister Farrakhan or the KKK’s David Duke, and, now the Guardian. They are all now names to be said in one breath. Like hot dogs & beans, peanut butter & jelly.