UKMW prompts Daily Mail correction to Gaza death claim

Earlier today we complained to Daily Mail editors about the following claim in a May 5 article about the latest round of violence initiated by terror groups in Gaza:

We noted – both in our complaint and in a tweet to the Daily Mail journalist – that the IDF had released a statement hours prior to the article insisting that the baby and her mother were killed by an errant Palestinian rocket, not an Israeli strike.

To their credit, editors promptly responded to our complaint and amended the article to note the IDF response:

Additionally, we complained about the following strap line accompanying the article:

An Israeli man, 58,  became the first citizen to be killed in the Middle East country since the 2014 war”.

A similar claim was made in the text.

We argued that this was inaccurate, as the the Israeli man was only the first Israeli civilian to be killed by a “rocket attack” since the 2014 war, which is far different than saying he was the first Israeli “citizen to be killed in the…country since the 2014 war”.

Editors agreed, and revised the strap line, and text, thusly:

An Israeli man, 58, reported as the first Israeli fatality from Gazan rocket attacks since 2014’s war in the Strip’  

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  1. Excellent work Adam. I’m just sorry you have do the fact-checking that these bone-idle biased journalists can’t be arsed to do.

  2. The MSM should stop getting their info from Hamas. The state of journalism in this country is appalling. They just repeat propaganda.

  3. The standard of “journalism” when reporting about Israel: simply assume that Israel is at fault and then state “Israel claims to the contrary.”

  4. BTW, Farmer. I would encourage you to carp your anti-Semitic idiocy on BBCWatch as well. That site could use the traffic that you would generate.