UKMW prompts Indy correction to Ahed Tamimi claim

An April 18th op-ed in the Independent by Ahed Tamimi – the terror-supporting Palestinian teen ‘activist’ from Nabi Saleh who recently spent time in prison for assaulting a soldier – included the claimed that Israel only implemented one of the 38 recommendations by the NGO UNICEF on the treatment of Palestinian minors.

However, according to UNICEF’s own progress report in 2015, Israel had at that point already implemented four of the recommendations, with another 15 characterised as being “partially addressed”.

We contacted Indy editors who – after a long delay – finally upheld our complaint and revised the sentence to reflect the information we provided:

Of the 38 requirements they set out to protect Palestinian children, Israel has only implemented four, with another 15 being partially addressed.

We’re attempting to determine if the IDF has implemented additional UNICEF recommendations since 2015, and will update this post if such information becomes available.

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  1. Respect for details, the exactness of how many and who and where and why and how and what was said, in an intellectually and even soulfully serious struggle to clarify facts, expose distortions, validate respect for truth, is a high calling.
    Some journalists are merely lazy, some few are part of the crowd, some downright vicious, as Adam obviously recognizes. Some of the first lazy group no more hate Jews or Israel than they hate some restaurant on the other side of town they know practically nothing about beyond a bad review from competing venues!
    Not to casually treat the larger problems, which have produced mass murder and completely insane results, but I think you all get the point. Journalistic laziness can result, over time, in something truly unconscionable, without the lazy people intended that result — some would likely be appalled, if the reasonably foreseeable results were drawn to their attention!
    Not only that: in fact, the laziness may even be connected to how serious and challenging it is to confront ethnic hatred: almost NO ONE wants to be an open bigot; the Nazis had to cloak their hatred for a long time and always had opponents amongst Germans who considered themselves enlightened patriots, yet the Nazis exploited a deeply troubling set of assumptions about peoples, ethnic groups, religious virtues, and “race” that almost inexorably led to the deaths, the conscious mass murder, of millions.
    Enough details clumsily or accurately constructed and repeated and you are assembling a nourishing truth or a poisonous lie. The difference between a wily gambit and a losing move at the chessboard, too!

  2. HamASS stole the life and future of Shirley Temper. HamASS turned her into a crazed terrorist robot and a future Darwin Award winner.

    But she’s not the only one. She follows the lead of the barbaric Islamofascist terrorist robots who murdered 250+ Christians in three churches in Sri Lanka on April 21, Easter Sunday.

  3. I am surprised that you should choose to bring to our attention the fact that, in six years, Israel has achieved just four of UNICEF’s recommendations and made partial progress in fifteen more (out of a total of 38). Meanwhile scores of Palestinian children are regularly subject to arbitrary arrest, violent treatment and denial of legal or parental support during the process.
    You also mention the matter of Tamimi’s imprisonment for slapping an armed IDF soldier. Just imagine an Israeli Jewish child being dealt with in the same way. It would never happen; that alone makes a nonsense of the idea that Israel is an equal rights democracy.

    • We refuse to do any of the recommendations that endanger Israeli lives – don’t like that too fucking bad. UNICEF is another UnitedNazi attack group.

      We need to deport the Islamofascist invaders and colonists.

      We don’t have to imagine what the Islamofascist would do to Israeli children they have been doing it for the last 1,400 years now.

      Yes you fucking racist moron all Israelis do have equal rights

    • “Arbitrary” for throwing stones at cars, but that endangers Jewish lives, so no biggie right? And you think that Jewish children don’t get arrested if they commit crimes? It’s all part of your general willful ignorance.

    • Who’s to say that every suggestion made by a foreign NGO has merit or that any suggestion of yours has merit.

      Assaulting a soldier was not the only charge. She also incited her fellow teens to commit suicide through acts of “martrydom”.

      She was brought up to be a criminal by her parents. Recently she uttered death threats against MK Rabbi Yehuda Glick, asking her supporters to kill him.

      Glick’s response:

      What a sweetie Ahed Tamimi is, really!

      Here’s an example of what she wrote about me today in her Instagram:

      “My soul is disgusted when I realize that he remains alive, better that he was dead.” I hate him. Yehuda Glick is the most disgusting person on earth. it is permissible (according to religion) to kill him.”

      There’s no such sweetness in the world.

      • I hope Dorothy drops a house on tamimi – or at least bucket of water on her.


      • Actually, Sencar, Palestinian children are subject to abuse by their own leaders, being trained and brainwashed as early as kindergarten to murder civilians. We have easily accessible videos and and Palestinian TV proving as much.

        To “suggest,” without any legitimate proof, that children attempting to murder civilians are subject to “arbitrary arrest, violent treatment and denial of legal or parental support during the process” is to “suggest” you are are fraud who either makes things up, doesn’t read or serves as another self-aggrandizing terrorism-apologist parrot. I “suggest” you are all three.

  4. Ahed Tammy is an advocate for the destruction of a country and its people, and the Independent wants to pretend that she is really just an advocate for human rights. Welcome to the world of antisemitic anti-ZIonism.