UK Media Watch prompts improved Daily Mail headline on Gaza girl’s death

Last week, we posted about a complaint we filed with the Daily Mail over the following headline accompanying a June 12th Associated Press (AP) article published on their website.

We noted that the initial claim, by anti-Israel media outlets, that Aisha Lulu, a five-year-old from Gaza who died a brain tumour, passed away alone in a Jerusalem hospital because COGAT refused to grant permission for family members to accompany her, was proven to be untrue weeks ago.  The claim that authorities denied permission to Aisha’s family to accompany her was false, and the girl in fact died in Gaza after she was released, not in the Israeli hospital where she was treated.

Further, the actual Daily Mail/AP article never makes the claim – asserted in the headline – that the girl died alone.

Though editors initially refused to correct the headline, we filed an appeal, which was upheld.

Despite the fact that their new headline (“Sick Palestinian girl suffers lonely end”) is, in our view, still problematic, it is, nonetheless, a significant improvement over the original in that it no longer explicitly claims that the child “died alone”, and doesn’t attribute blame to the “Israeli permit regime”.

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  1. What a world of lies and recriminations these stories about the death of a child reveal.

    The media always seek a scapegoat and tiny Israel, an island of Judaism and democracy is marvellously suitable in a world where identity intersectionalism (not inc Judaism) is this decade’s fashion hit

    • It’s some claim to be a democracy when there are seperate roads for Jews and Arabs in Hebron, a further sixty laws on the statute books pertaining to Arabs only, prohibitive laws of marriage between Arabs and Jews, and civilian courts for Jews but military tribunals for Arabs. This is apartheid, not democracy.
      #BDS #FreePalestine 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

      • It’s some claim to be “The Religion of Peace” or “Progressive” when you look at

        9/11, London’s 7/7, Bastille Day truck ramming in Nice France, bombing of Pan Am 103, beheading of Lee Rigby, Daniel Pearl, ISIS beheading videos, bombing of Manchester arena, bombing of Boston Marathon, assassination of Robert F Kennedy, car rammings on London and Westminster bridges, Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan massacre, Easter Sunday massacre in Sri Lanka, thwarted bombings of inflight passenger planes by bombers with bombs hidden in their sneakers and underwear, HamASS executing gays by pushing off rooftops, Fascist Iran hanging gays from construction cranes, Beslan school massacre, WMD (poison gas) attack on the Kurds of Halabja Iraq, Mumbai India and Nairobi Kenya massacres, …

        Every airport in the World needs to screen passengers and luggage/cargo because of “The Religion of Peace”.

        This is Terrorism, not Peace or Democracy.or Tolerance.

        #BDSpalestine #ScrewPalestine


      • The roads publicised by troubleseekers lead to different areas of the city. The handful of Jews who live in Hebron are in danger of attack so they live seperately. The road leads to where they live: it is not “Jews only”. Understood?

        There are no civil marriages in all the ME. So all marriages are religious. Mixed couples marry abroad and Israel accepts the marriage. Why don’t you ask other ME states how they handle the problem?

        You have been reading antiIsrael websites

      • What a load of bullshit from a fucking moron.

        Apartheid would be the death penalty for people that sell land to Jews – that is a real law.

      • Oh, lookee here, another garden-variety ignoramus whose sole criterion for veracity is if it somehow finds angles to demonize Israel with whatever propaganda it can spew. Do some research, it can be found in this site, and you’ll see that this garbage has been debunked. Of course, it easy and lazy to just blame Israel.

      • Yes, Jews are not allowed to travel on 97% of the roads in Hebron, which is under the control of the Palestinian Authority. I guess you could say that Palestine is a racist apartheid state – but not Israel.

        But really, Lloyd, you can’t even get your propaganda right. There aren’t “60 laws that pertain to Arabs only”. You’ve mixed up a completely different propaganda meme that you haven’t even properly researched. That’s just stupidity and laziness on your part.

        Similarly you know nothing of marriage laws in Israel which are similar to those in Lebanon and neighbouring Arab states. You’re so far off it’s not even funny.

        And all Israeli citizens are subject to the same laws, regardless of who they are. That’s because Israel is a democracy and you’re basically an uninformed and lazy propagandist. It’s more complicated in Judea and Samaria because Palestinians there are usually not citizens of Israel. One has to apply military law because to apply Israeli civilian law would be the equivalent of annexation.

  2. Here’s a story about media malfeasance, and losers like Lloyd Kennedy have so much trouble reconciling more proof of their anti-Israel fraudulent stance that all they can do is regurgitate more debunked prefab anti-Israel soundbites that have NOTHING to do with the story at hand.

    Psychologists have written about how people who lack the ability to think abstractly are always retreating into spoon-fed slogan-ism to pretend to have a point.