Indy amends article suggesting racism among Beitar fans is symbolic of Zionism

An article at The Independent on racist supporters of Israeli Premier League club Beitar Jerusalem (“Beitar Jerusalem: Fans of Israeli club want to ‘change name’ of new signing Ali Mohamed”, June 12) included a sentence suggesting that the racist behavior of some fans is symbolic of the inherent bigotry within Zionism.

A supporter of this blog complained to Indy editors, noting that their suggestion that the racist behavior of some Beitar fans is symbolic of Zionism as a whole is as absurd as claiming that English football hooligans symbolises all of English culture. (Honest Reporting also had lodged a complaint.)

To their credit, editors responded to the complaints and amended the article.  The sentence claiming Beitar racism is symbolic of Zionism has been removed from the article.

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  1. What the article does show is the sick Israel obsession that is symbolic of the joke of journalism that is the British press.