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  1. Zionism is the liberation movement of the Jewish people. It’s only unforgivable sin is that it is successful.

  2. I think you’re mostly correct, but there’s one critical inaccuracy in your argument. When you say, “We did that without a Communist utopia. We liberated ourselves without some Socialist dream,” I think you’re forgetting the philosophical origins of the kibbutzim. Many early Zionists were Socialist dreamers. And that lasted for about 1 generation. Most of their kids, having grown up with real-world experience of what life in such a socialist dream was like, decided that that wasn’t what they wanted for themselves. What was different about Israel is that the socialist dreamers didn’t turn into power-hungry tyrants who insisted on imposing their ideas on the rest of the country, as happened in places like Russia, China, Albania, etc. Instead, the citizens of Israel were free to change their minds and decide, “Well, we’ve tried that, and it wasn’t the ideal we envisioned. Now let’s try something else.” It’s been Israel’s respect for its citizens’ right to exercise that kind of freedom that has allowed Israel to become as successful as it has.

    • Farmer you retard.
      “..passing a law forbidding nationhood to only themselves.”
      What is that gibberish supposed to mean?

      Do you ever read your ‘posts’ before pressing the Post Comment button?

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    • Poor Farmer. He still believes Israel will become a racist fascist state like its Arab neighbours. He’s been “predicting” it for years and he’s still wrong.

    • Why should anyone listen to a worn-out anti-Semitic hypocrite who has no purpose to life except trying to find angles to demonize the only Jewish state in the world?