Guardian, Independent and Telegraph ignore Hamas official’s call for genocide

Hamas Political Bureau member Fathi Hammad said, in a July 12, 2019 speech at a March of Return rally that aired on Al-Aqsa TV, that Palestinians abroad should “attack every Jew on planet Earth and slaughter and kill them.”

Thus far, most British media outlets – including the Guardian, Independent, Telegraph and BBC – have ignored Hammad’s call for genocide, a speech, our sister site BBC Watch observed, that’s at odds with the media narrative of the Great March of Return, which downplays such extreme antisemitic incitement, whilst characterising violent riots as mere “protests”.

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  1. I am confident that Mr Hammad’s words, representing the organization that counts as “friends” of Jeremy Corbyn, will be high on the agenda of next Monday’s Labour Party meeting called by Corbyn to address the serious problem Labour has with Jews. I regret my use of English irony in this connection.

  2. And the leftist keep on demanding that we at least meet the Islamofascist colonists half way. Their charter states that their goal is the genocide of all Jews in the entire world, yet that seems to not bother the leftist trash

  3. All BDS supporters should follow through and not vaccinate themselves or their children with the Jewish developed polio vaccine (developed by George Sabin and Jonah Salk) . Boycotting this vaccine will result in thousands of crippled children and an outbreak such as Pakistan is experiencing, but its all for a good cause.After all, Islamists contribute only death and destruction and nothing positive and this follows their goals.