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Celebrating 10 years of promoting accurate coverage of Israel!

Ten years ago, a small group of dedicated activists concerned about inaccurate and inflammatory coverage of Israel in the British media, and the antisemitism such reporting often fuels, had an audacious idea: to take on the Guardian, the central address for such bias.

The blog established by this group in August 2009 was called CiF Watch, reflecting our initial focus on the Guardian’s online home for op-eds and commentaries, known as ‘Comment is Free’ (‘CiF’). The first post at CiF Watch pledged to expose and combat the bigoted and one-sided nature of the Guardian’s obsessive focus on Israel and, by extension, the Jewish people.

Over the years, we were able to boast quite a few quantifiable successes.

  • The Guardian’s egregiously skewed coverage of Israel, and their legitimisation and promotion of antisemitic tropes, increasingly became part of the media conversation.
  • Guardian moderators began to more promptly delete antisemitic claims in the comment section of articles and op-eds.
  • The Guardian implicitly acknowledged our impact and admitted that they needed to “avert” “accusations” of antisemitism.
  • The Guardian dramatically curtailed the output of commentaries from some of more extreme anti-Israel contributors, such as Richard Silverstein, Antony Lerman, Ben White and Ali Abunimah.

In 2012 we launched a sister site, BBC Watch, edited by Hadar Sela, to combat the copious anti-Israel bias at the BBC – the world’s largest broadcaster.

And, later that year, both CiF Watch and BBC Watch became part of CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis), the oldest and most prolific pro-Israel media monitoring organisation.

Since then, we adopted the CAMERA model of media monitoring by directly engaging with journalists and editors (via email and social media) to challenge false or misleading claims about Israel.  This method proved extremely successful, garnering substantive corrections to Guardian articles and op-eds which, we successfully argued, were in violation of the accuracy clause of the Editors’ Code of Practice.

Our success prompted us to look beyond the Guardian, and we began systematically monitoring and corresponding with editors at other British news sites. Thus, in 2015, CAMERA’s UK Media Watch was born. 

Since then, we’ve prompted dozens of corrections each year (including a record 51 corrections in 2018) at publications such as The IndependentThe Telegraph, The Times, Daily Mail, The Economist, the Financial Times and of course the Guardian.  Further, our reach has extended well beyond our own blogs and social media accounts, as our op-eds have appeared in places such as The Independent, Irish Examiner, The Jewish Chronicle, The Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel JNS, and The Algemeiner.

After ten years, we remain dedicated to promoting accurate coverage of Israel, and to combating antisemitic narratives and tropes which often accompany reports compromised by anti-Israel bias.

As always, we thank you – our loyal followers – for continuing to support us in carrying out our vital mission.

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  1. I have written this here before.
    The work on this site helped me to become more aware. It also helped me become the passionate Zionist I am today. I am active in the pro Israel scene here in Berlin. I have been to kibbutz and mainly read Jewish blogs and newspapers today. I dare say I see the world partly through Jewish eyes, as a gentile. I was woke way before it was cool. Thank You Adam!
    Here in Berlin, Rabbi Teichtal was attacked this week by two men. This is the new norm in Germany, where Jews are attacked openly all the time. But also the BDS scene is small but active, helped in no small part by Israelis living in Germany.

      • I was reading the left wing take in English language media. It was also around the time of the launch of 972mag, I think. And was still reading the Guardian at that time. I was staying in a friends place in Neved Tzedek Tower for free ( so lucky ). I wanted to find out if Joseph Dana’s take and Cif was somehing I saw when I was in Israel. I would read and cross check the news. The narrative on CifWatch seemed more measured and less bombastic. 972mag and Cif was writing about a place which evidently did not exist. I became enganged in the comment section’s, especially 972mag, and saw live how Lisa Goldman deleted entire threads which unmasked her. I even met some of the 972mag clowns in Tel Aviv. Remember Yossi Gurvitz? Yuval Ben Ami…. Eventually I was banned from 972mag. Anyhow, Happy Anniversary ! Here is a song! 🎶

  2. I quite agree. Maybe one day in the future and with much strict attention to the truth, the British press may reach the standards. For now, the British press inhabits the gutter.