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Times of London includes Ahed Tamimi in their 2019 “Teen Power List”

The Sunday Magazine in today’s print edition of The Times (Times of London) included a section titled “Teen Power List 2019”, a largely uncontroversial list of influential or up and coming teen athletes, activists and entertainers.

Yet, remarkably, their Teen Power List also included Ahed Tamimi, the Palestinian teen “activist” known for using antisemitic tropes, endorsing terrorism and calling for Israel’s destruction.

Here’s the Times’ anodyne bio of the girl nicknamed Shirely Temper by the blog Israellycool.

Here’s Tamimi is in 2018 endorsing, or at least legitimising, stabbings and suicide bombings.

Here she is in 2019 advocating for Israel’s destruction.

Here she is, also this year, engaging in antisemitism by claiming that the UK is controlled by Zionists.

In comparisons to other British media outlets, The Times is normally one of the more reasonable and thoughtful news outlets in their coverage of both the Israel-Palestinian issue and antisemitism in the UK, a fact which makes their glorification of a pro-violence, antisemitic teen especially perplexing.

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  1. Disgusting including a racist in the list. Guaranteed they wouldn’t have done this if the said person hated blacks. Double standards from the press yet again.

  2. Was outraged to read this, and about to mail you, when I saw you were already on the case. Thanks Adam.

  3. 1 You seem to forget that Israel was founded on terrorism targeting the British and (largely innocent) Arabs. Moreover many of the terrorist leaders went on to become senior Israeli politicians. Tamimi’s actions are trivial by comparison.
    2 Tamimi clearly distinguishes between Judaism and Zionism. Her claims about Britain being controlled by Zionists may overstate the case a little but it’s not for want of trying! Just consider the facts that almost all the MPs of the ruling Conservative Party are “Friends of Israel” and that a senior Israeli Embassy official (Shai Masot) was sent home after being filmed offering to take out one of the few who isn’t.

    • 1, You seem to be unable to differentiate between types of warfare. Yes, there were the Stern Gang and the Irgun, but the Palmach was the major fighting force for Israel’s independence and they did not attack civilian targets in stark contrast to Arabs. Or that fact undermines the anti-Israel propaganda that services your agenda.
      2. How does Tamimi distinguish between Jews and Zionists? Has anyone that she has attacked not been Jewish? Does she fight for women’s rights under Sharia law, while Israeli Muslim women have all the rights that her neighbors don’t?

      • You obviously haven’t bothered to view the interview clips above, where she emphasises the distinction between Judaism and Zionism.

        • You obviously try to separate the two out of political convenience. Saying “I don’t hate Jews, I hate Israel,” is a common refrain that the gullible immediately accept. It’s not a surprise that you don’t challenge the fact that she doesn’t attack anyone except Jews.

      • There is plenty of evidence that the Palmach was involved in systematic, violent expulsions, and were encouraged to do so by Ben Gurion. Get back if you want details…..

        • sencrap, 800,000 Jews were expelled, fled for their lives from Arab counties.

          The Jews from Arab lands deserve reparations for the theft of their property by Arab/Muslim racists.

          • I would refer you in general to “State of Terror” by Thomas Suarez.
            He quotes, for example, Yerachmiel Kahanovitch, a Palmach machine-gunner:
            “We cleared one [Palestinian] village after another and expelled – expelled them….we shot, we threw a grenade here and there…. Yes, you march up to a village, you expel it…..and go on to the next village.”
            Palmach commander, Yigal Allon, led the expulsions “with Ben-Gurion’s knowledge”.

            • I haven’t heard of that book, but it sounds like a compendium of eyewitness accounts, which you have stated are invalid, as opposed to radio broadcasts and the like. In this case, it’s retelling of those accounts, which would be even less valid.

              Way to show integrity sencar!

          • For more info on Palmach atrocities from Zionist historian, Benny Morris, look up his 2004 interview with Ari Shavit for Haaretz on YouTube. Systematic mass rape seems to have been a specialty.

              • Morris is no Pappe! He is a Zionist historian who actually believes ALL of the Palestinians should have been expelled in 1948. However he also uses official records to try to get close to the truth about that time.

    • You seem to forget that Islam was founded on 1,400 years of terrorism, targeting people ALL OVER THE WORLD – extending to today with Terrorist Jihadi atrocities against, Bahais, Buddhists, Christians, Coptic Christians, Hindus, Jews, animists, atheists and even FELLOW MUSLIMS.

      Islam calling itself “The Religion of Peace” is a SICK JOKE, especially when one considers …

      9/11, London’s 7/7, Pan Am 103, Manchester arena, Nairobi Kenya mall massacre, Mumbai India massacre, near nuclear war between Hindu majority India and Islam majority Pakistan, Paris’ Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, Nice France Bastille Day truck attack, Easter Sunday massacre in Sri Lanka, Hamass and Fascist Iran executing gays, Beslan school massacre, Moscow subway bombing, WMD Poison gas attack on Halabja Iraq, Boston Marathon bombing, beheading of British soldier Lee Rigby ON THE STREETS OF LONDON, beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl, murder of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war, thwarted bombing of in-flight passenger planes by bombs hidden in sneakers and in underwear, Rotherham rape gangs, Pulse Nightclub in Orlando FL, DC Beltway sniper, London and Westminster bridge car ramming attacks, death threats against writer Salman Rushdie, death threats against Danish cartoonists, destruction of antiquities of Palmyra and Bamiyan, stoning to death of girls over “family honor”, cruel FGM of girls, threats of 9/11 scale attacks on europe, Brussels airport bombing, murder of policewoman Yvonne Fletcher, Bali bombing, hijacking of Achile Lauro and murder of wheelchair bound Leon Klinghoffer, failed assassination of Pope John Paul II, assassination of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy, failed bombing of NYC’s Times Square with a bomb laded SUV, …