BBC Radio 4’s uncritical amplification of Ilhan Omar’s falsehood

This is a cross post from BBC Watch.

Listeners to BBC Radio 4’s ‘The World Tonight’ are promised “in depth reporting, intelligent analysis and breaking news from a global perspective”. Here is what those listeners heard (from 03:39 here) in the news bulletin which opened the programme’s August 15th edition. [emphasis in bold added]TWT 15 8

Newsreader: “Israel has banned two US Democrat Congresswomen from entering the country because they’ve been critical of its policies towards the Palestinians. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar had been expected to begin a tour of the Palestinian territories later this week. Ms Omar has accused the Israelis of implementing President Trump’s ban on Muslims. Tom Bateman reports from Jerusalem.”

Bateman: “The Congresswomen – Ilhan Omar, who was born in Somalia and grew up in the US, and Rashida Tlaib, who is of Palestinian descent – have both supported the movement to boycott Israel. They were due to visit the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem next week in a trip that had become the focus of controversy. Israel passed a law two years ago allowing it to ban entry to supporters of the boycott movement. Earlier on Thursday, President Trump tweeted that Israel would show weakness to allow them in, calling them a disgrace and accusing them of antisemitism. Israel’s interior ministry later said it would not allow them entry. The not-for-profit group that was organising the visit called the move an assault on the Palestinian people’s right to reach out to decision makers from around the world.”

That sixty-six second item prompts several observations.

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  1. Israel banned the two Islamofascist terrorists for their actions. Countries like the UK ban people of their view points

  2. This is how Trump is bad for Israel. And by the way, the American Zionists have had a great weekend fighting all sides because of Bibi, so you’re welcome.

  3. So remember, Kids, Donald Trump got Bibi to bend over and take one for the team. And Crazy Eddie thinks it was a great idea.

    Even AIPAC said, Don’t do it, Bibi. But Bibi knows best.

    • “Even so and so said” is the worst kind of argument. It is truly insulting to thinking, knowledgeable people. You can agree or disagree with “so and so.” “So and so” doesn’t have the final definitive word.
      Many very cool Jews and Israelis think Israel should not have let the two antisemites in the country. They are happy and relieved that these to racists Jew haters got the boot.
      You and the rest of the crowd that feels, reacts, but doesn’t do much thinking seem to believe that Israel really wanted these two racists to come to Israel to create a propaganda bonanza. It never occurred to you that Israel was going to let them in because it felt pressure to do so, which is a kind of bullying.
      The US won’t let certain people into this country. Boy George wasn’t allowed in. The UK wouldn’t let in Martha Stewart, but you seem to believe that Israelis are happy to have antisemites who want to scream “kill the Jews” come into their country.
      The Democratic Party couldn’t stand up to these antisemites a few months ago when they had the chance. That’s because it would alienate part of their base, which tells us they have an anti-Israel problem. It also tells us they have an antisemitism problem in the Democratic Party.
      If they didn’t, they would deal severely with these two muslim antisemites who would like to destroy Israel and replace it with another (just what the world needs lol) Arab muslim state, instead of warning Israel of future consequences for doing what most any self-respecting country would do, that which it had a perfect right to do, and that which makes perfect sense for them to do.

      In the meantime the “liberal” MSM tries to hide Miftah’s sponsorship along with the ball.

      Now you can call me names, sport.

      • “Now you can call me names, sport.”

        Sure thing, Chief. Just a reminder, Trump loves his Klan, and you love your Trump. Ain’t too hard to make the connection, then, that you love the Klan.

        Trump = Good times with assholes.

        Well put, indeed.

      • Speaking of names, DingDong, can you drop some names of the “very cool Israelis and Jews” who thought it was a great idea?

        Steven Miller may be aJew, though I wouldn’t call him cool.

        As always, Jeffe, I look forward to the reply.

        • “can you drop some names of the “very cool Israelis and Jews” who thought it was a great idea?”

          Yes, I can. But I won’t. It’s time for you to investigate the Interwebz young man. Do some work. Seek out the opinions of others. Any totalitarian can go along with the Marxist Commie/Fascist crowd, koufaxcomrade.

          • “I can, but I won’t. Because I’m better than that. Unlike you, who lies about Jews and Israelis disagreeing with the wonderful Trump and BIbi show.

            “You’re just going to have to do your own homework, Mr. Smart Guy.”

            The Jeffster showing us all his true colors.

                • Sorry KKKmitzvah,
                  You happen to think Nazis are OK as long as they are female and run as Democrats. I don’t. It’s a difference of opinion.

  4. Don’t do it Bibi. But Bibi knows best.

    And who pays? Not Jeff. Not Eddie. They really don’t care if half of America turns into Israel bashers.

    On the other hand, liberals like me continue to fight for Israel’s right to self-defend. But please attack the Jews who don’t vote Trump. That’s literally 3 out of 4 American Jews.

    But hey, you don’t need that support. You’ve got the Beebs.

    • And the Faux.

      And the very worst President in the history of these United States who loves the Klan, Fascists, and inspires folks to shoot up synagogues. He’s your best buddy. He’s the man who lost $1 billion over 10 years. He can’t be a Jew Hater because his daughter bangs a Jew.

      Oh yeah. You guys know how to pick’em.

      • “And the very worst President in the history of these United States who loves the Klan, Fascists, and inspires folks to shoot up synagogues.”
        I thought you loved Obama. Didn’t know his daughter was banging a Jew. (Is it OK to say “banging” when it’s Obama’s daughter? I’ll bet it’s not.) I guess she’s old enough. Barack will try to put some daylight between them I’m sure. Or maybe he’ll just pull some strings behind the scenes at the UN to get them apart. Maybe he’ll give the old speech about the future not belonging to the enemies of the Prophet (PBUH). After all, he’s got a right to “self-defend.”

    • “On the other hand, liberals like me continue to fight for Israel’s right to self-defend.”
      1. I don’t see you as a liberal.
      2. When you use made up leftist words like “self-defend” it puts one in mind of a collectivist crowd rather than liberalism in the classic sense which emphasizes individual autonomy and freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is a bit antithetical to collectivist thinking, because it’s the collective’s consensus that must always dominate society. Independent thought becomes thought non grata.

      “But Bibi knows best”.
      Of course not. You know who knows best? J Street. Peter Beinart. Amy Goodman. Gloria Steinem. Who could know more? Am I right? Now, most Israelis don’t like J Street, but then again most Israelis don’t want mischievous antisemites in their country either. But everyone knows that the American Left really knows what’s good for those Israelis better than the Israeli electorate and aren’t going let this independent Jewish State thing get in their way. Am I right?

      • 1, Who cares whether you think I’m a liberal? I know who I am. You’re a moron on the Internet, Jeff, who has never gotten over how Dems continue to support Israel despite your idiotic perspective that this is impossible. Of course, you think you’re a moderate. You watch Faux News all the time, and bend over you fatass backwards to defend the man at every turn, especially his destructive take on Israel, but you’re a moderate. And a Jew. And a supporter of Israel. And other Jews. Except Jews like Me who can’t be liberal because your intrepid definition doesn’t allow it.

        I will point out you’re also the guy who says So Many People Agree With Me, but you don’t name the people. Good times with Trumper.

        2. Leftist words, huh? Hooooooo boy.

        But Bibi Knows Best really bothers you, huh? The alliteration got to your head?

        Jeffy Just Got Jumpy!

    • If I cared about half of America becoming Israel bashers, I would start distancing myself from the Left and begin criticizing it. Oh, wait a minute, I did.

      • Sorry, Crazy Eddie. There’s a difference between promoting QAnon and pointing out how QAnon and Hamas both attack pizza joints.

        But, sure, if you want to think all those black helicopters are coming after me so that it makes you feel better, go right ahead. We’ve already established you’re Crazy Eddie.

        Obviously, somebody is missing his meds. And, obviously, somebody named Crazy Jeff is enabling your Crazy Eddie nature. I admit, you two are cute together. I’m thinking…. same trailer?

  5. The only people I know who hate as many American Jews as Crazy Eddie and Crazy Jeff — and by that, I mean, 3 out of every 4 American Jews, for those are the numbers of the Dem Party — are Nazis, the Klan, Proudboys. You know, total losers.

    And, Guys, I’m an Independent. Since Clinton’s 2nd term. So…..

    Everyone hates you, right? Except it’s you who hates everybody.

    I’d say, Food for thought, but then you two would probably start gnawing on brains and that wouldn’t be fair to the others at your trailer park. I think they’ve been through enough.

    • Koufaxmissedfacts offers up a self description. Now go kiss Ilhan…on the feet. She is a Democrat, ergo she must be liberal, ergo you must love her. Sure, she’s a Jew hater, but just pretend. Maybe she’ll pet you and say, “good boy, good dog.”