Guardian falsely claims Israel is first country since Holocaust to shoot asylum seekers.

New book by Suketu Mehta extracted in The Guardian this week,

By Richard Millett

The Guardian has published a long extract from This Land Is Our Land, a new book by author Suketu Mehta. It’s basically a criticism of white civilisation’s fear of “brown and black people reproducing”. Mehta praises Trudeau, Macron and Merkel but attacks Obama, Clinton, Trump, Orban, Poland, Austria and….Israel.

On Israel Mehta writes:

“Jews fleeing Nazi-occupied Europe were the harbinger of today’s global migrants; many of today’s covenants that protect refugees came into existence in response to their predicament. So it is particularly painful to hear that the first army in our time to shoot at people crossing the border looking for asylum was the Israeli army. In 2015, Israeli soldiers fired on African migrants crossing the Egyptian border, wounding a number of them. In December 2017, the Knesset passed a law under which the 40,000 asylum seekers in Israel “will have the option to be imprisoned or leave the country”.”

Mehta is referring to an incident in August 2015 when the IDF shot warnings into the air when a group of Sudanese migrants were trying to cross from Egypt into Israel. One of the potential migrants (who didn’t end up crossing into Israel) had a gun which he was firing at the Egyptian army. When the other migrants still didn’t desist from entering Israel three were shot in the leg, survived and were taken to hospital immediately. The IDF admitted the firing was unjustified and the incident was being investigated by Israel’s military advocate general.

A quick search reveals that in 2010 the UN condemned Egypt for killing 60 migrants at that same border since 2007.

As for the 2017 Knesset law Israel tries to differentiate between economic migrants and asylum seekers like all countries do, tries to return migrants to safe havens if their original countries are deemed unsafe and gives them a deportation grant of $3500.

Meanwhile, at least 34,361 migrants have died in various tragic ways due to the restrictive policies of “Fortress Europe” since 1993 according to a study. My country, the UK, even deported a terminally ill cancer patient back to Africa in 2008.

And the comparison of the Israeli army to Nazis is antisemitic (according to IHRA).

Mehta continues:

“Every majority is composed of a set of discrete minorities. When you go after Palestinians and Africans in Israel, the Reform Jews are next. When you go after Muslims in India, the Christians are next. When you go after Muslims and Mexicans in America, the Jews and gays are next.”

There are political tensions in Israel between reform and orthodoxy but this statement is absurd. Israel absorbs Jews irrespective of their level of religious observance. It’s its raison d’etre for existing!

Mehta invokes the Holocaust again by quoting a David Glosser who wrote on Facebook:

“If in the early 20th century the USA had built a wall against poor desperate ignorant immigrants of a different religion, like the Glossers, all of us would have gone up the crematoria chimneys with the other 6 million kinsmen whom we can never know.’”

This relativises the Holocaust to the extent that the Holocaust will eventually become devalued, which is very dangerous for future generations who won’t be able to notice the unique signs of a future genocide.

So this Guardian piece downplays the Holocaust, attempts to turn Jews within Israel against each other and, in my opinion, compares Israeli policy to the Nazis (why mention the two in the same paragraph otherwise?).

The Guardian should retract the false claim that the Israeli army is “the first army in our time to shoot at people crossing the border looking for asylum”. At the very least the full context should be supplied.

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  1. I read this article the day it was published and I sent you the link. No doubt you would have read it anyway. It was obvious that it contained a litany of lies and misrepresentation. I am pleased you have so promptly written this critique. Thank you.

  2. If the soldiers had an honest – even if, in this case, mistaken – belief that they were in danger, because of the migrant with a gun their actions were not unjustified. How much more so are they justified when there are systematic attempts at infiltration by people violently hostile to Israel and Israelis

    • Doubtful, (and thank you for those links) nor does he probably mention this:
      India has fortified parts of their border against Pakistan with a new detection system using lasers. They use lasers!! The so called laser walls.

      Or my personal favorite (in light of the accusation that Israel was the first army in our time to shoot people crossing at the border looking for asylum, which someone else also mentioned: Human Rights Watch (HRW) issued an 81-page report…which stated that over 1000 Bangladeshi citizens were killed during the first decade of the 21st century (at the border).

      I would also like to know their definition of “in our time”. Is that like, just the last 4 years or something?

      This man is just associating himself with ‘brown people’ vs. ‘white people’ mentality and lumping the Israeli people into the mix because ‘africans’ are darker than the Israelis.

  3. The Europeans hate us with a passion. It’s an old age hatred going back thousands of years. Do you really believe the disciple Judas was called ‘JUDAS’ by accident? Just about all the disciples were named Peter, James, John, Mathew atc, good Anglican European names.

    All of the disciples were Galileans but Judas was from Judah.

    Judah also means a JEW. A coincidence? I don’t think so.

    The new testament made sure to blame the Jews for what allegedly happened to their prophet. The Catholic founders made sure of that. What a better way of doing so if not by inventing a story which the villain is named after the race you wish to taint.

    From then on until today we walk with a target on our backs.

    No matter how stupid, idiotic and ludicrous the story is, if it is about us, it will stick.

    Alas, our biggest downfall is not the foul hatred those simpletons harbor for us. We have no control over that anyway, let them hate.

    Our biggest downfall is our inability to unite. Jews all over the world (USA, Canada, England, Germany etc.) think of their own comfort and privilege lives much more than the safety of Israel and Israelis. But instead of just keep quiet they voice their so-called liberal opinions and put Israel in bigger and bigger danger.

    We need to stop explaining ourselves and start defending ourselves, even if it means cutting ties with people who are supposedly our people.

  4. The author who was born in Eastern India claims Israel is the first country to shoot at migrants on its border since 1945. Whatever else is in the article-some if it well worth reading – the claim about the Israeli Army being first is absurd. To take one country-India. On its Eastern border in the decade up to 2011, up to a thousand migrants coming from Bangladesh were killed by soldiers on the border by Indian soldiers.

  5. “This Land Is Our Land, a new book by author Suketu Mehta. It’s basically a criticism of white civilisation’s fear of “brown and black people reproducing”.”
    I’m already thoroughly disinterested. The rest of the article only confirms for me that the book’s author is promoting the type of ignorance and one-worldism idiocy fawned over by the Guardian and its readers.

    And, like clockwork, Jews, Jewish history, Israel, and the holocaust are the first to be sacrificed on the altar of thoughtless thoughtfulness, ignorance, and stupidity.

  6. Better to ask Suketu Mehta why brown people are fleeing their birthplaces and heading to majority white countries.

    What’s wrong with the Third World that makes it so inhospitable?

    Why don’t PoC don’t like living amongst other PoC?

    • Maybe you can ask him why their countries are so messed up and overpopulated & why they always go out of their way to migrate to places like Israel, EU, USA, Australia & Canada. Maybe if they used birth control they wouldn’t be roiling in a morass of garbage and polluted or no water having violence.

  7. Bangladesh girl, aged 15, shot by Indian Border Security Forces January 7, 2011 as she & her father were climbing back over the fence (because he’d arranged a marriage for her) and her clothes got tangled up in the barbed wire, the BSF shot her, and according to witnesses it took 30 minutes or so for her to die, during which time she was asking for water the whole time. None of the Bangladeshis could do anything because they didn’t want to get shot.

  8. Take this Guardian article and this book in conjunction with other anti-Israel propaganda. The general idea is that everyone on Earth has the right to claim Eretz Israel as “Our Land” and has the right to go there except for the illegal Jewish settlers.