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Daily Mail distributes a million maps listing Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital

The 975,000 thousand or so British news consumers who purchased the Sunday, Sept. 1st print edition of the Daily Mail (The Mail on Sunday) gotta nice freebie: a “giant, glossy” map of the world featuring “essential geographical facts“.

Here’s a promotion of their special offer on Twitter, noting that the map is “just in time for going back to school”.

However, they got one “essential geographical fact” wrong, as you can see here in this close-up of the Middle East section of the map.

Elsewhere on the map, it makes clear that the square icons (which you see next to Beirut, Damascus, Baghdad, and Amman) represent the capitals.  So, the maps from the Daily Mail delivered “just in time for school” contain a blatant factual inaccuracy about Israel.

Despite the fact that we’ve posted countless times on this issue, and contacted editors to remind them that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, usually resulting in corrections, this mistake continues to crop up periodically. Though we contacted Daily Mail editors to ask for a prominent editor’s note acknowledging the error, in light of the fact that the claim was made in an actual paper map that nearly one million Britons received (and not merely online), the damage can’t really be undone.

(Those who wish to complain to the Daily Mail should open this link.)

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  1. In addition to pandering commercialized propaganda to anti-Semites, it’s also part of a British mentality that they can dictate what others do. They still long for their defunct empire.

    • ” They still long for their defunct empire.”
      I don’t blame them for that. I do blame them for pretending that Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel, especially since they know for a fact that Israel’s capital is located in the city of Jerusalem.

  2. Presumably it states that Paris is the capital of Algeria and Liverpool is the capital of Ireland too.

  3. It’s educational. They’re teaching the next generation how discriminate against Jews and their institutions.