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Guardian describes antisemitic Crown Heights riots as two communities “clashing”

A Dec. 29th Guardian report on the brutal Monsey stabbings which targeted Chasidic Jews on Saturday included the following passage, noting comments by NYC mayor Bill De Blasio:

De Blasio invoked the Crown Heights violence of the early 90s when black and Jewish communities in Brooklyn clashed violently.

To describe the Crown Heights Riots, which has been aptly characterised by some as the first anti-Jewish pogrom in US history, as merely two communities “clashing violently” is obscene.

The incident in question began after a Jewish driver accidentally hit two black immigrant children, killing one of them.  Later that evening, based on unfounded rumors involving police and Jewish culpability in the boy’s death, blacks began rioting and chanting antisemitic slogans.  Some incited the crowd to kill a Jew, which they ultimately did.  Yankel Rosenbaum, a young Australian Orthodox Jew, was beaten and stabbed to death by a mob of up to twenty young black men on the first night of the two day riots. 

In addition to the murder of Rosenbaum, over a hundred police officers and dozens of civilians were injured during the riots, which included bottles and rocks thrown at Jews and Jewish shops in the neighborhood, shootings, robberies, arson and assaults.  Jewish homes or shops with mezuzot helped the rioters choose their targets.

A NY Times reporter who covered the riots, in complaining that his editors rewrote his original copy to erase the one-sided nature of the violence, was clear: “In all my reporting during the riots I never saw – or heard of – any violence by Jews against blacks”.

Contrary to the Guardian claim, there were no “clashes” between blacks and Jews.  To suggest some sort of moral equivalence between perpetrators and their Jewish victims is a quintessentially Guardian, ideologically driven rewriting of history.

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  1. This appears to be the norm with such Lame Stream Media. Whenever we are faced with an unprovoked attack it is a ‘clash’ or something along those lines.

    The fact is that we never attack but whenever we do finally respond that is exactly what they call it, totally ignoring the tens of thousands of attacks that led up to our response as if they had nothing to do with it

  2. The Guardian is disgraced by this kind of reporting and what makes it all the worse is that they are perfectly capable of fine journalism, so it’s down to both conscious and unconscious bias that they consistently do this sort of thing.

  3. ” To suggest some sort of moral equivalence between the Jewish victims and their perpetrators is quintessentially Guardian ideologically driven rewriting of history.”

    But this is nothing new. The NYT was doing this years ago, as you have noted. That doesn’t get the Guardian off the hook. I am saying that this toxic brew has a history that’s been developing over decades.

    • Exactly like treating those who fire rockets into civilian areas and those who try to stop those rockets as morally equivalent.

      But why blame the NYT and Guardian when the UN does it every week?