COGAT contradicts Guardian claim on Gaza medicine ‘restrictions’

The Guardian’s former Jerusalem correspondent (currently their religion correspondent) Harriet Sherwood penned a piece (“Gaza confirms first coronavirus cases as West Bank shuts down”, March 22) claiming that the Israeli blockade limits the import of medicines, thus hampering their healthcare system’s ability to cope with Covid-19 infected Palestinians:

Gaza’s public health system has been severely tested by repeated military conflicts with Israel over the past 12 years, and is chronically short of drugs and equipment. An Israeli blockade, in place since 2007 although eased in recent years, has limited the import of medicines and other essential items.

However, in addition to the fact that Sherwood ignores the role of Hamas and the PA in their deteriorating healthcare system, there are in fact no Israeli restrictions on the import of medicine to the Palestinian-run territory – a fact we have blogged about repeatedly.  (The only restricted medical items are radio isotopes used in bone scans or for guided biopsy of axillary lymph nodes, presumably because they are considered dual-use.)

Just to be sure there hasn’t been a change in Israeli policy, we contacted COGAT:

Here’s their reply:

The Guardian got it wrong.

(Relatedly, just last week, following communication from CAMERA’s Israel office, the Associated Press amended an article which initially included the false assertion that Israel blocked the import of surgical supplies to Gaza.)

We’ll be contacting the Guardian readers’ editor seeking a correction to Sherwood’s article.

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      • And yet Hamas are authoritarian nationalists who center their politics on religion.

        In other words, Dipshit, they are right wingers to the extreme.

        I say this, of course, to the man who claims that Bernie Sanders can’t be trusted since Jesse Jackson had a photo taken with Yasser Arafat back in the ’70s, and Jesse Jackson happened to endorse Bernie Sanders just last month. Wouldn’t that Bernie Derangement Syndrome? Does that mean that you, Nazi David, suffer from BDS?

        Why are you a BDS supporter, David? I thought you were a Tough As Nails Right Wing American, and yet, here you are supporting Bernie derangement.

        Nazis are fun, yes?

  1. Considering that Harriet spent about three years getting her toenails painted at Rosie’s in Gaza, it is hard to belive that she had never heard of or most likely had met with representative of COGAT, and in about 15 seconds could have checked the veracity of her claims.

    She remains as twisted and mendaciously anti-Israeli as ever.

  2. The Guardian has fallen from grace. fa
    Twists fact to pace Israel in the wrong
    The press should publish facts not their
    Biased interpretation of facts.’

  3. So, even despite that her report is a load of lies, why aren’t they importing medical supplies from their other neighbour and fellow moslem, Egypt?

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