Robert Fisk describes notorious Lebanese prison as “Israeli”

In his latest Indy column, Robert Fisk addresses the case of Amer Fakhoury, a Lebanese-born American citizen jailed in his native country last fall for unsubstantiated charges by Hezbollah that he tortured and murdered inmates at Lebanon’s notorious Khaim prison in the 1990s.

Fakhoury was recently freed by a Lebanese court and is now back in the US.

Fisk’s piece (This is what Trump is doing in the Middle East while you’re distracted by coronavirus includes the following sentence, March 26), includes the following:

Fakhoury, now a US citizen, had returned to Lebanon last September to visit his family – he was met at Beirut airport by a senior army officer – but was recognised by former prisoners as an ex-warden at Israel’s notorious Khiam jail.

In fact, the Khiam Prison was run by the South Lebanese Army (SLA) and is not “Israeli”

As our CAMERA colleague reported about a similar error at AP,  the SLA was allied with Israel, and received training, funds and weapons from the state, just like Hezbollah is backed by Iran and receives Iranians training, funds and weapons. Yet, journalists of course wouldn’t refer to a Hezbollah prison in Lebanon as “Iranian”.

CAMERA’s post noted that even the anti-Israel NGO Human Rights Watch didn’t allege that the prison was Israeli, or even that it was under Israeli control.

This latest smear by Fisk is the latest chapter in the Indy’s Mid-East correspondent’s long history of visceral hostility towards, and lies about, the Jewish state – hatred which at times crosses the line into antisemitism.

We’ve complained to Indy editors about this latest error.

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  1. Fisk is the Independent’s equivalent of Donald Trump. Both make up stories to suit themselves. Maybe Fisk thinks that Lebanon will be free by Easter Sunday.

      • Crazy Eddie loves his Donald J Trump. After all, who else can master the Coronavirus better than Trumpy?

        “My gut tells me that New York City doesn’t need all the ventilators they need. After all, when I stared directly into the sun during an eclipse, I got a whole lot smarter.”

        • You bet I LOVE President Trump. He makes morons like you apoplectic – and we all laugh at guys like you.

          You, krackheadmoron, OTOH, LOVE Stalin, Mao, BS – Bernie Sanders, Castro, Che, Trotsky.

  2. Khiam was in Israeli occupied Lebanon. The Israeli Ministry of Defence admitted to Israel’s High Court of Justice that their agents had direct involvement with Lebanese (torturing) interrogators – including in their training – and that Israel forced suspension of Red Cross visits to Khiam. Israel clearly knew of the torture and abuse and was obliged under international law to investigate. They didn’t.

    • Whenever an Arab murders, rapes or tortures, anti-zionist turds like Fisk and Sencar look for ways to blame Israel, deflecting attention from the actual perpetrator. When they can’t blame the Jews, or to be charitable, Israel, the result is mostly silence.

      Both the UK (under Labour) and the US engaged in a program of extraordinary rendition whereby prisoners flown to Syria tortured by proxy in Assad’s Syrian prisons in order to get around progressive anti-torture legalities. We don’t call these facilities “British” or “American”. Other countries such as Russia, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon have no need as they are “legally” able to torture at will.

      The most notorious example, Elie Hobeika, the Phalangist leader who spearheaded and masterminded the Sabra Shatilla massacre. Sharon gets blamed because pundits believe that he should have known how Arabs would behave. Israel gets pilloried. Hobeika – is rewarded as Lebanon makes him a government minister without portfolia, a minor footnote who is never brought to trial, indeed he is honored.
      Instead he is assassinated by a road side bomb several years later.

        • “What a buffoonery” is when you insist a whole other country is actually a different other country not because of borders, but because of so-called policy.

          Hater mongers colonialists like Sencar don’t understand how full of shit they are. How many Native Americans did your family murder, Shitbag Sencar? I mean, you speak the English. Ergo, you must be a colonialist.

    • And yet none of your unsubstantiated “whataboutery” disproves the actual point of the story: “In fact, the Khiam Prison was run by the South Lebanese Army (SLA) and is not ‘Israel’ “

    • Fascist Iran occupies Lebanon – once the Civilized Jewel of the Middle East. Now a Hell Hole thanks to Imperialist Islamofascism.

  3. The “Independent” appears has a policy of not allowing readers to write direct responses to any article by Robert Fisk, out of fear that it might be fisked. It may even be in his contract.

    No comment. 😉

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