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Happy MLK Day

Today is Martin Luther King Day in the US marking the birth date of Dr. King in remembrance of the courageousness of Dr. King’s struggle against racial discrimination. It is on this […]

Miep Gies Z”L

CiFWatch wishes to honour the memory, heroism, and humanity of Miep Gies, one of the Righteous Gentiles who hid Anne Frank’s family. Miep passed away on Monday at the age of 100. Rest in peace, […]

Demopaths and Dupes

This is a cross-post from Augean Stables which provides a fascinating insight into the mindset of many of the anti-Israel commenters on CiF that engage in demopathic discourse DEMOPATHS: Demopaths are people […]

The Language of Hate

There was quite a revealing exchange on a Harry’s Place comment thread today involving Lee Barnes, the BNP’s Legal Director. Barnes managed to string a few sentences together with this: Compared to […]