FCUK CiF Watch

Every wondered what Brian Whitaker does after reading CiF Watch’s latest post every morning? The answer lies here in his post responding to the technical problems that CiF has been experiencing. BrianWhit […]

Ban the Ant

Ever wondered what it takes to get banned as an antisemitic poster on CiF? Last year Matt Seaton, CiF editor, stated to the Jewish Chronicle “[w]e have a zero-tolerance policy on antisemitic […]

Enough is Enough

In yesterday’s Jerusalem Post, Isi Leibler launched a scathing attack on Jewish leadership in the UK for what he perceived as its craven approach towards Israel and antisemitism which he characterized as […]

Demonizing the Settlers

Yesterday we were treated to another Seth Freedman abomination entitled Israeli military gives settlers free rein that retraced familiar CiF territory: demonizing the settlers. Perhaps the most fitting response to CiF and […]

Am Israel Chai

A couple of days ago we reported that the Guardian was conducting a poll purportedly to gauge support for J Street. In a rather obvious attempt to skew the results, the Guardian featured a […]

The Pin-Up Girl

This is a guest post by Israelinurse Did the champagne corks pop at The Guardian over the weekend with the announcement that Amira Hass had won a lifetime acheivement award from the […]

Mr. T for Tolerance

Apparently Richard Silverstein has been stirring up trouble at the J Street conference by having an audience member, Hillel Stavis, forcibly removed by security from the “Bloggers” panel. Hillel Stavis runs a […]