Ban the Ant

Ever wondered what it takes to get banned as an antisemitic poster on CiF? Last year Matt Seaton, CiF editor, stated to the Jewish Chronicle “[w]e have a zero-tolerance policy on antisemitic […]

Enough is Enough

In yesterday’s Jerusalem Post, Isi Leibler launched a scathing attack on Jewish leadership in the UK for what he perceived as its craven approach towards Israel and antisemitism which he characterized as […]

Demonizing the Settlers

Yesterday we were treated to another Seth Freedman abomination entitled Israeli military gives settlers free rein that retraced familiar CiF territory: demonizing the settlers. Perhaps the most fitting response to CiF and […]

Am Israel Chai

A couple of days ago we reported that the Guardian was conducting a poll purportedly to gauge support for J Street. In a rather obvious attempt to skew the results, the Guardian featured a […]

The Pin-Up Girl

This is a guest post by Israelinurse Did the champagne corks pop at The Guardian over the weekend with the announcement that Amira Hass had won a lifetime acheivement award from the […]

Mr. T for Tolerance

Apparently Richard Silverstein has been stirring up trouble at the J Street conference by having an audience member, Hillel Stavis, forcibly removed by security from the “Bloggers” panel. Hillel Stavis runs a […]