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The Lies of Brian

The British journalist Hannen Swaffer (1879-1962) once stated that “[f]reedom of the press in Britain means freedom to print such of the proprietor’s prejudices as the advertisers don’t object to”. In Brian […]

So Ugly

Carmel Gould at Just Journalism simply rips to shreds Mya Guarnieri’s ugly essay in The Guardian, entitled, “Children are just Israel’s Latest victims.” The picture painted by Mya Guarnieri in her Guardian Comment is […]

All at Sea

It would seem that Antony Lerman is all at sea, having lost his bearings once and for all. In his latest CiF offering he really scrapes the barrel by offering links from […]

Preached to Death

To paraphrase Sydney Smith, Israel is being ‘preached to death by wild curates’ from the Guardian’s stable of writers and editors. The editorial of June 1st with its serial inaccuracies and downright […]