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  1. Yes of course.

    Maureen Lipman is an oustanding British actress who is Jewish and a great supporter of Israel.

    If you click on the second link in the article, the story is there.


  2. Thank you, Louise.
    Why do they get so much more excited about us than about anybody else? I can understand that with the negative publicity and the even more negative spin that has been put on Gaza they might be angry with us but it seems frighteningly obsessive.

    Is everyone touched by this madness or is it confined to high profile areas like celebs and their empty lives?

  3. It’s a good question and I do not really have an answer. I can only say that Cast Lead was the catalyst for obsessions which were probably there before to come into the open. Email me via contactus@cifwatch.com if you want.

  4. Over the past few years I’ve been commenting on CiF against the many and varied versions of anti-Zionism and/or anti-Semitism that is often behind it.

    I’ve just read the above link to the comments by Maureen Lipman, and I have over the past few days had a number of posts of mine deleted on CiF.

    If this is the way things are moving, I think we all need to be concerned about the future of minorities here in the UK, especially this particular minority!

    When they turn Comment is Free on its head to mean ‘Comment is Limited to those we approve of’, something is very wrong.

    Don’t get paranoid, but lets not get complacent. The Left are opening up the path to hatred very effectively – its in times of economic upset that we are usually made scapegoats.