Demonizing the Settlers

Yesterday we were treated to another Seth Freedman abomination entitled Israeli military gives settlers free rein that retraced familiar CiF territory: demonizing the settlers.

Perhaps the most fitting response to CiF and Freedman is a story reported in Ynetnews of how a religious settler came to the aid of a gay Palestinian man who was unable to return to Israel where he was living with his partner and who feared for his life from his fellow villagers who threatened to kill him for being gay. Chas Newkey-Burden over at Oy Va Goy has the full scoop.

Now thats a story you’ll never hear on CiF!

As an aside I just noticed that the Freedman thread has been kept open all night – is this an attempt to boost Seth’s numbers which have been on the wane of late or is this just another cock-up by the Guardian mods?

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  1. Seth’s last two thread were left on all night,the golden boy needs all the help that he can be given.And posts that are confronting to his tread are deleted.And a certain TrueLeft who also happens to be a contrib

  2. He writes that he was part of the initial evacuation of Homesh during his army service,he must have relished that part of his service.BTW,can anyone shed light on his service in the IDF.He claims to have served 15 months,how come only 15 months,when the mandatory service is three years.And was it an honorable discharge.

  3. Seth has lost a golden opportunity to prove his neutrality while still showing his hatred for the IDF. Gil Ronen tells us of how soldiers destroyed the wooden Beit haMidrash at Homesh.

    One of the activists said “The crazed fury with which the soldiers acted was shocking.”

    While reading the descriptions of the behaviour of the soldiers, riding jeeps over the ruins I couldn’t help wondering whether Seth would have brought in a Palestinian voice here, sympathising with the settlers and making common cause about their sufferings. Perhaps he would have conjured up some Palestinian leftists who joined forces with the victims against the army in this reverse Biliín scenario.

    Seth, if you’re reading this: you really should expand your oeuvre – there are so many more angles to this wonderful Israel than you have noticed.

  4. Seth served as a volunteer in Nachal.

    He was the least active out of all those he served with – and spent as much time at his home than he did on the front …

  5. Neverending – length of service also depends upon the age at which one arrives in Israel.

    This latest Friedman ouevre indicates just how far he contorts himself in order to prove a non-point.

    ‘I was part of the initial evacuation of Homesh during my army service, and our unit was split by many of the religious members of my brigade refusing to participate – a stance that the Shimshon soldiers this week threatened to repeat. However, instead of standing up to the mutiny, our commanders gave them the kid glove treatment. Their anxiety to avoid an internal confrontation overrode their adherence to army guidelines.’

    My stepson was also one of the soldiers involved in the evacuation at the same time, but in the Gaza strip. Now, I’m having a bit of trouble believing Sethele’s account of this because I know for a fact that in the Gaza evacuation, any soldier, religious or not, in my stepson’s unit who expressed in advance an ideological/political problem with the task assigned to him/her was exempted from it.
    They trained for this evacuation for weeks in advance; they were taught how to be non-confrontational with the people they had to evacuate and the political/ideological issues were discussed very thoroughly. I find it quite difficult to believe that such sensitivity was confined to my stepson’s unit -I’m inclined to think that it was general army policy at the time- i.e. guidelines, as Friedman calls them. Now if, in the case of Friedman’s unit, some soldiers who had initially thought that they were capable of carrying out the assigned task, discovered at the last minute that it was psychologically too difficult for them, of course their commanders would have shown sensitivity towards them in accord with the guidelines already established weeks before -i.e. no ‘mutiny’ to see here Seth – move along.

    Friedman obviously has a total lack of understanding of the rift that these evacuations created in Israeli society at the time. In his puerile world there is only black and white; bad religious settlers and good anti-religious heroes like himself. Fortunately, Israeli society is far more richly multicoloured than Friedman likes to make out.
    As far as I’m concerned, his despicable attempts to polarise Israeli society are both self-serving and morally lacking and say a lot more about the man himself than the country in which he has chosen to live.

  6. As far as I’m concerned, his despicable attempts to polarise Israeli society are both self-serving and morally lacking and say a lot more about the man himself than the country in which he has chosen to live.

    If our Sethele was trying to polarise Israeli society, he would be trying to publish his ‘offerings’ to Israeli/Jewish publications.

    CI(F) is the only publication besides PressNews that has any interest in him and the fool doesn’t realise why.

    What a Putz.

    And a rancid one at that.

  7. I tried to find out more about this hero and his heroic deeds in this elite unit that he claims that he served in,I looked up HP and discovered somene who served with him.And these are his words.

    “I knew Freedman from the army,We were both lone soldiers in the Nachal Brigade.He was a whiny bitch then and he is a whiny bitch today.Ask anybody who served with him.I’m not here to debate the policies and practices of the Israeli Government or the army of which I personally have many problems with as well.All I’m saying is that the guy barely served and yet he presents himself as an expert on the IDF.Beleive what you want,just always check your source of information.”

    There you have it Israelinurnse (I like your name)this is from someone who served with him.It should give you an insight into this guy who professes to be an expert on all things IDF and Israel in general.
    As for me I smelled a rat the minute I read one of his threads.

  8. Freedman is a mediocre writer who rewrites the same article over and over again. His career was going nowhere until he reaized that the Guardian was looking for someone who had Jewish ancestry and was willing to lambaste Israel. Freedman realized that this was his chance to find employment and he took it. The Guardian can point to Freedman and say how can we be anti-Semitic when we have Freedman? That is the sole reason why they would ever hire a hack writer like Freedman. He knows this and he will do what it takes to stay employed at the Guardian. The editors of the Guardian would never let Freedman into their clubs or their neighborhoods but they will allow him to do their dirty work.

  9. From what I’ve been told about Freedman, notwithstanding that he’s from London, he’d never even ventured further than north of the river. ie doesn’t know his Brixton from his Golders Green. Guess it’s scary in those nether regions…

  10. neverending

    I saw a couple of your comments on the Freedman thread, and then you were “ended” pretty quickly.

    Thanks for the background on Freedman, which complements nicely his self-immolation in his book about his inglorious period as a stock trader. There he writes about how he peddled stocks he was ignorant about to any poor sucker that he could, while acting as a drug dealer to his cronies in the firm where his relatives placed him when he “decided not to go to college”.

    There’s a strong similarity between peddling crap stocks to ignorant suckers while dealing drugs to “friends” and peddling crap articles on CIF to the anti-Israeli addicts who come there everyday for a fix.

    I don’t know the current rules, but a new immigrant who arrives in Israel above a certain age – it used to be 23 – can choose to serve about a year in the army rather than the regular three years. Nachal used to have a strong role in absorbing new immigrants and troubled Israeli youths, who would also spend a portion of their time on a new kibbutz (which was its original role – helping set up border kibbutzim). As a former Nachlawi, I am somewhat embarrassed to say that it is not regarded as one of the army’s crack units, though the influx of religious and more motivated youth has apparently raised its standards.

    I’m not surprised to hear about Freedman’s inglorious service record – what is also interesting is that he has never, apparently, done reserve duty (miluim) which makes me wonder if he was dismissed with such a negative record that he is considered unfit for duty. Some hero!!

    Someone who knew him from his Jewish Day School days once wrote a comment on one of his threads about him being known back home as a whiny misery-guts, and apparently not much has changed.

  11. Akus I too served in the IDF as a lone soldier,for three and a half years.I served Ba shekedah va namanut,it did not turn me into a miserable and whiny bastard.In fact it made me what I am today a proud Zionist,who stands tall.

  12. Akus,I had no idea that Seth Friedman, “While dealing drugs to “friends”,if that is true,then what I thought of him before is nothing compared to what I think of him now.

    In my eyes anyone who deals in drugs is lower than a snake’s ass.

  13. @Israelinurse – “…Now, I’m having a bit of trouble believing Sethele’s account of this because I know for a fact that in the Gaza evacuation, any soldier, religious or not, in my stepson’s unit who expressed in advance an ideological/political problem with the task assigned to him/her was exempted from it…”

    Let’s face it, Sethele isn’t beyond a bit of “creativity” or fantasy in order to dress up his prose, is he?

    I seem to remember his account of another episode in his army “career” (perhaps he forgot to bring his own gun) and, when pushed by posters about why he had not made a formal complaint about it, he chose to waffle rather than to give a straight answer. I began to wonder whether he had employed the equivalent of “poetic licence” then, too, and whether the incident had actually happened as he said it had or even at all.

    And AKUS in respect of Sethele:

    “…. There’s a strong similarity between peddling crap stocks to ignorant suckers while dealing drugs to “friends” and peddling crap articles on CIF to the anti-Israeli addicts who come there everyday for a fix…

    Right on the button!

  14. Is this why he moved to Israel,to get away from the ignorant suckers to whom he peddled crap stocks,and dealing drugs to his friends.

  15. On our Sethele’s second thread, The far right wrath that killed Rabin, Revelation posted the following comments which were deleted without trace.


    deewhy – Saudi Arabia is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to build a 900 kilometre high tech fence to seal off it’s troubled neighbor Iraq.That wall isn’t meant to seal off Israel,but to seal off another Arab state.


    Not to be mentioned.

    Shows Followers of the Prophet in a bad light.

    Now Zionists.

    That’s something else.

    Berchmans will explain it to you.


    Moeran – Could it be because (the wall), much of it is in Palestine and separates Palestinians from Palestinians? If it were built between Palestine and Israel it would be far less controversial.

    You mean like on the sea front.

  16. Seth Freedman has been caught embellishing and exaggerating so many times that it is now a laughing matter. The conversations that he overhears just happen to coincide exactly with what Sethele needs for his silly little column. He has written many times of the horrible mistreatment of Palestinians that he witnesses when he claims that he was in the IDF. Yet he never once made a complaint to the military brass. Such an opportunity was readily available to him if he wanted to do it. I can even show him where to get the forms, what phone numbers to dial and even how to protect his annoynimity he chooses. Such information is available with a click of the mouse. But Seth, who always brags about his manhood and his courage in the face of moral outrage, never could find the time or place to register a single complaint. Either Freedman was gutless (well, that is true enough) or he simply concocted many if not all the incidents he supposedly witnessed. I will nominate Seth Freedman for the Jason Blair award. Roger Cohen can present it to him with Tony Lerman helping to make the presentation.

  17. Seth’s articles always serve the interest of the international movement to demonize Israel. Its telling that the far left (and I mean way to the left) in Israel blames Israel for the failure to achieve peace – those right wingers like Netanyahu, the settler movement, etc. The Palestinians have no responsibility. None.

  18. I need some assistance. There was a Fayad pdf declaration of his vision of a future Palestinian state in which it was clear that he demanded large areas of Israel as part of the Palestinian state and made some very definite statements about the legitimacy of the right of return. Does anyone have this URL?

  19. Seth Freedman has just unleashed on the world another one of his boring screeds about how the Israeli right destroyed the world. This time he is writing about the anniversary of Yitzhak Rabin’s murder. Freedman begins with yet another boring biogtraphy of himself. He tells us where he was when the awful moment happened, how he reacted and how brave and resolute he was. I think we could call Mr. Freedman solipsistic. He sees himself as the center of the universe and everything revolves around what Seth Freedman was doing.
    Freedman concludes that the Arabs, from Hamas to Islamic Jihad to Arafat to Fatah to Assad, were all blameless for what happened before and after Rabin’s assassination. Freedman neaty ignores that Hamas had unleashed a fanatical group of young suicide bombers, subjected to months of brainwashing and mind altering by Hamas, to blow themselves up on Israeli busses, restaurants and plazas. I could list everyone of them for Freedman but they would not interest him. He perhaps was busy peddling junk stocks at the time and missed the mass murder on the bus on Dizengoff Street, the snack bar outside the bus stop killing over 20 lads, the restaurant in Haifa, the bus stop near Ashkelon killing 8 teenagers, the list goes on and on. And these crimes happened BEFORE Prime Minister Rabin was murdered. Rabin had said only weeks before his murder that he had no intention of retreating behind the 1967 armistice lines and that he intended to keep what was necessary for Israel’s security. What Freedman and Lerman attempt to do is to recreate Yitzhak Rabin into a man of the far left like them and a man who, like them, is afraid of military force and an appeaser of enemies.
    Freedman’s real idol is not Rabin but IF Stone and Noam Chomsky, two basket cases.

  20. Seth is a shameless self serving opportunist,he saw an opportunity to be someone on the Guardian,and he grabbed it,and according to him he’s a God fearing man.A god fearing man who sold crappy bonds to unsuspecting suckers,and drugs to his “friends”

    The next step, writing crappy articles about Israel for the Guardian wouldn’t have been too hard for him.Especially when he gets paid for it.And the Guardian promoted his “book”.BTW how many copies did his book sell.

  21. Jubilation1: If that’s his “position paper” I think I may have posted it here but I don’t remember the article it attached to.
    Perhaps an email to the site owners?

    This is totally off-topic but has anyone else seen this from the Elder of Ziyon?

    UNRWA doesn’t acknowledge murder

  22. Fred: I just read some of Samson Blinded on Rabin’s assassination. In fact it is Barry Chamish on the said subject. I know of Chamish as a nutty conspiracy theorist. Am I wrong?

  23. Seth Freedman could not get a job on a high school paper. Only the Guardian in its search for a propagandist against Israel would hire such a hack writer. Freedman couldn’t spell cat if you gave him a c and a t. If a meteor fell to earth Freedman would say it’s an Israeli plot and Richard Goldstone would call for a war crimes trial. Freedman is totally boring.

  24. Even the faithful need a varied diet, and Freedman’s never ending diet of “atrocities” is boring most rational people to death. If a few pro-israeli posters would content themselves with one comment rather than engaging the idiots in anever ending round of what happened with Plan Dalet or, so help me, the Altlena (Alderman rally went off the deep end on that one) each thread would simply die the death it deserves.

    But I must admit it really pisses me off to see a scumbag like Freedman, whose military service wouldn’t have qualified him to clean Rabin’s shoes, using Rabin as a prop for one of his vacuous article.

  25. I am sometimes torn between the very good idea of ignoring Seth Freedman and just giving over the comments section to the antiSemites who flock to Freedman and pointing out Freedman’s endless list of lies. I have caught Freedman so many times just making things up and I have disproven him so many times that even when I do write a comment on his article, the Guardian will delete me. There was an occasion where I proved Freedman made something up and the Guardian briefly left it on the comments section. Freedman chose to try to refute what he knew had destroyed his argument. Freedman likes to provoke but when he tried to defend an absurd position he made, the guy was catnip

  26. Permit me to repeat myself:

    I think of Freedman and the other CiF house Jews in the same way as Michael Chabon wrote of one of his characters in “Kavalier and Clay”:

    His literary efforts are “only a long, spiraling chute, greased with regular paychecks, to the Tartarus of hackdom”.

  27. Neverending, your account of what you heard about Freedman’s military service bears out my hypothesis about his personality. I believe that he has narcissistic tendencies and that he routinely “bigs up” his “unique contribution” (he probably no longer realises that he does it).

    In the IDF, of course, he was merely ordinary and one among soldiers – he was nothing special at all – and I imagine that whenever he tried to big himself up there he was brought down to earth with a resounding thud.

    When a narcissist’s view of himself is challenged successfully, and he can’t run away from it, this causes narcissistic injury – imagine an (over)inflated balloon which someone bursts with a pin.

    The result of such injury can either be emotional meltdown or furious anger and this may well be the reason for his abiding hatred of the IDF and of Israel.

    Most narcissists are empty cowards, and this is probably why Freedman found it so hard to make a complaint against the alleged injustices he witnessed. His manner probably alienated everyone else, so he would have had little support from his fellow soldiers had he done so.

    The narcissist doesn’t just want revenge – he wants to hammer into the ground the person whom he believes has wronged him and has “burst his balloon.”