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  1. Andy Gill:

    “Oh yes darling, Daddy is so proud of little Bella. She went on the Anti-Israel demonstration all by herself, and screamed so hard she had to spend the following day in bed, poor thing. When she told Daddy she said fuck to a policeman, he swelled with pride and gave her a job on Cif as a present.

    Bella made an immediate impression with her clever comments, but now the awful Zionist lobby has spoiled the whole thing.

    Daddy has been racking his poor brains for something else. He thinks she might do well as Head of Futures at Lefty, Grabbit & Greed. Anyway, he’s going to arrange it in the next week or so. The bonus will come in handy, she wants to go to Gaza for Christmas, and designer hijabs are rather expensive…”

  2. What’s with that picture,you trying to give us nightmares??It looks like a picture that the police would put of someone who is wanted.

  3. MindTheCrap, the problems with the article go further.

    1. The author is a “useful idiot” in publishing his comments in such a profoundly anti-Semitic venue.

    2. The Guardian is using the article
    – to intervene in internal Jewish affairs
    – to chracterise negatively ultra-orthodox who keep to themselves
    – to provide a platform for anti-Semitism

    3. The author is fairly ignorant if he is unaware ultra-orthodox are fobidden to touch the opposite sex (even to shake hands).

    4. Its is only one of a number of articles indicating the Guardian is fundamentally hostile to Judaism itself and to any expression of Jewish identity. Here are at least 2 other examples:

    Lerman insists Europe’s Jews must assimilate

    Behr insists Haredim must assimilate

    In my experience in gentile countries the ultra-orthodox simply wish to be left alone (unlike Muslims or even some Christian sects). It is their right to be different or to be left alone.

    All the above makes clear to me that it is not just Israel the Guardian hates, but Jews generally; it will not be satsfied unless Jews renounce all distinct identity. This is “cultural cleansing” – a desire to eliminate Jews culturally if not physically.

  4. GuardianHatesJews:

    I wouldn’t go that far in criticising the article. I really don’t see where it is “fundamentally hostile to Judaism”. The opposite is true – the author looks at Chabad through rose-coloured glasses, ignores their predominant Messianic tenets, and paints a picture of a modern, outreaching group:
    “Their awareness of being Jewish comes, however, with responsibilities. Like me, they also know that it’s hard work being Jewish but that it’s harder work yet being part of the wider world.”

    Since this article can only encourage young Jews to approach Chabad, it is hard to see how it fits in with a drive to encourage Jews to “renounce all distinct identity”.

    As I said before, even the most cursory check would have shown the CiF editors that the article has serious factual errors. Because of its error and omissions it gives the impression of free advertising for a Messianic sect, something that the Guardian/Cif does not support (for any religion) as a secular publication.

    The only conclusion (which we already know) is that the CiF editors simply do not sufficiently check the articles for accuracy before posting them.

  5. Great piece of internet-journalism, Hawkeye.

    I see that Melanie Philips has picked up on the thread as well.

    Only a mindless automata product of the British left-wing-hotbed academy can accuse Melanie Philips of some general animosity towards Moslems, while she has proveמ time and again that her observations in no way attempt to denunciate any general public, but point to the dangers of radical Islam alone.

    You could have spared us this picture, though :D. “Bride of Chucky” here is a little too much for the morning. Easy on the makeup, girl- the camera lense is melting!

  6. Hi there Peter

    I actually came here right now to post the same alert that – I see now – you already have.

    I’ve clicked on the abuse button for every second post. It’s truly pathetic. These people will use any excuse to bash Israel.
    Plus there are idiots like BeatonTheDonis who don’t mention Israel but go completely off-topic.

  7. There’s also mention (more than once) that Israel is a Jewish country.

    What does CiF’s obsession with Israel tell you pretzelberg?

    Saudi is much more oppressive, as are China and a host of other countries.

    Why is CiF and the Guardian so obsessed with the “vileness” of Israel?

  8. Hi Pretzelberg,

    I read your post recommending PierreBezukhov’s comment. I find it worth to quote here:

    15 Nov 2009, 11:55AM
    THe comments here are disgraceful, I thought i’d posted a light hearted comment but looking at the other I realise this wasn’t the place for it. The guardian must know that anything they put up that mentions jews with a comments section will end up like this page, it must be what they want. A nice bit of jew bashing on a sunday. Imagine if you were jewish & had never had anything to do with israel but met one of these people posting these comments. They’d be demanding you solve the problems of the middle east like even though you had nothing to do with the place. Theres no arguing with these racists, I suspect the BNP are delighted with the response. Sad, very sad.

  9. The above post has been deleted. It’s lifespan was less than one hour.

    As I said Pretzel the CIF editors haven’t to dirty their keyboard with outright antisemitism. Enough to publish anything even tangentially connected to Judaism and/or the Middle-East and their faithful are on the warpath ready to spit their hate of the Isrelis and/or the Jews.

  10. The gorgeous picture of BellaM is, in fact, her chosen icon:


    Hmmm … I remember a similar article on Mitzvah Day from a year ago – which had similar responses.

    I suppose Georgina feels that if it whipped up the troops once, it can do it again.

    It certainly makes the point about the anti-Semitism of the Guardian’s readers

  11. Pretzelberg:

    Our last exchange on the Mitzvah thread was deleted. For the benefit of others, I said that it pathetic that after encouraging this bile all year round, CiF is suprised that it spews out spontaneously on what is supposed to be a non-controversial thread.

  12. Until now they had to delete 11 posts of 40 plus published a warning:

    CommunityMod Staff
    15 Nov 2009, 12:28PM
    Please note, off-topic posts will be removed. This thread is about good deeds and charities people support. This is not a thread about the Israeli?Palestinian conflict. Please stick to the topic so others who want to discuss their charitable work can do so

    These people really want to make us believe that they didn’t expect this?

    Probably Bella doesn’t make Sunday shifts, these only for the plebs who need the afterhours supplement.

  13. Some non-deleted posts:

    notsorabid 19 recommendations
    15 Nov 2009, 10:21AM
    My good deed will come later in the year when I go to Jordan to make a film and employ many Palestinians who are living there having been deprived of their land by the country next door.

    WhattheDormousesaid 5 recommendations
    15 Nov 2009, 11:03AM
    Since the diaspora has influence—————-

    The quest for fair treatment and a fair settlement in Palestine and Gaza.

    vercol 10 recommendations
    15 Nov 2009, 11:05AM
    Help the palestinians

    mxcz 5 recommendations
    15 Nov 2009, 11:21AM
    Predictable – but appropriate: send donations to Medical Aid for Palestinians.

    roachclip 7 recommendations
    15 Nov 2009, 11:42AM
    One very good deed Jewish people in the UK and around the world could do today, and for the rest of the year, is to publicly question the veracity of the Israeli government.

    15 Nov 2009, 11:53AM
    I’d help the men, women and children in Israel’s labour camps – http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1126057.html

    Could be interesting to be a Jew in the Guardian’s UK.

  14. Interestingly Berchman’s two posts just disappeared without a trace.
    Did they ban him? Impossible. He is the leading intellectual in the pack…

  15. Well, almost all the offending posts are now also gone (but not – yet – those by cbarr andvercol).
    More interestingly, ALL comments are now being premoderated – about time!
    I reported each comment several times and listed them in a repeated hall of shame post.

    It took the mods far too long to sort it out IMO.

  16. I’m here to express fury – a thread about a worthwhile and honest attempt to organise community action day has to be premodded and tightly controlled. This has highlighted the divisions in our society – I am upset by this. Unusual for me to get angry but GRRRR1


  17. Leni – the responses to that thread are truly shocking. The fact that the Daily Hypocrite had to step in and premoderate every response – the first time I can recall this happening – speaks volumes.

  18. @ Fairplay

    As it happens ich hob gelernt Yiddish – but that’s as far as my Jewish “roots” go.

  19. Hmmmm – I hear Yiddish is now being touted as a Slavic language by the Khazar crowd. “macht” ? “gelernt ?

    Maybe that should be the “Khazir” crowd 🙂

  20. AKUS – the first time I can recall this happening – speaks volumes.


    I would speculate that CIFWatch is having an effect for the better in the sense that anti Semites may see it as less beckoning.

    But they still have to be more balanced in their ‘spread’ of articles relating to the IP conflict. Perhaps if some of the Pro Israel staff members at the Guardian made there voice heard.

    What’s that you say Georgina?. Oh! There aren’t any.

  21. Frederic Aranda writes: “They were open and friendly and there was no missionary streak or coercion in the way they approached non-observant Jews or even non-Jews. This sets the Lubavitch apart from other ultra-orthodox Jewish groups and makes them relevant, as by being the only ones to reach out they become the most visible part of the kosher world from the outside.”

    What a strange paragraph!

    It implies that ‘other ultra-orthodox Jewish groups’ do display a ‘missionary streak or coercion’ in the way they approach non-Jews. Anyone with the most basic grasp of Judaism would know this is not true. Would-be converts are routinely turned away repeatedly by rabbis before even being considered for the lengthy, laborious, testing conversion process. Coercion? Quite the opposite.

    More generally, it also suggests that the Lubavitch is the only orthodox Jewish group that is *not* missionary. Which is odd because the general consensus is that the only Jewish group accused of doing missionary work is the Lubavitch. So the writer is either sitting on a huge paradigm-shifting exclusive, or he’s got his most basic facts wrong and nobody at CiF has noticed or cares.

    I actually really admire the Lubavitch movement. I think if anyone is going to publish writing about the movement then it should be very very careful to be sensitive and accurate. I don’t think that article is either.

  22. Irish

    This has highlighted the divisions in our society – I am upset by this.

    A very British (and not Irish) understatement Leni.

    This highlighted the rampant Jew hatred fueled, tolerated and supported by CIF. In this case it became so transparent that preventing further embarrassment they have been forced to premoderate first time in the history of CIF as far as I know.
    It is not your society – it is the Guardian CIF.

  23. Peter

    My Welsh/Irish ancestry has taught me that contributing to deep divisions and polarisation can lead to very unpleasant results. i loathe the marginalisation of any group – many gaps in family tree from past famines etc.

    Iwas shocked by many of the comments on what should have been a noncontraversial thread about community action. Feel as though there are nasty things lurking in the dark which I was not previously aware of. The truth is these nasty things are part at least of the socity in which I live. We all have to ‘claim’ these things if we are to overcome them.

    Anyway – three cheers for Mitzvah Day and the people who organised it.


  24. How amazing to find the Guardian publishing an article that purports to tell its readership that Jews are doing good deeds.

    I thought I was being cynical in thinking there’s more to it than that and then as if to prove my point, the vile comments of so many posters seem to show that the Guardian has put up a dummy that its racist readers can tilt at – and I can’t help but believe that the Guardian expected this reaction.

    Do you think that if the Israeli government announced its intention to close down Israel and that all Jewish Israelis were to leave the country, we’d still have anti-Semitism?

    Yes, so do I.

  25. here another hot topic, at least it is for me! Every so often since finding myself unofficially banned from CiF, I’ve posted on the occassional thread, just to see what happened.

    Well blow me down if one of my recent posts on the latest Lerman article hasn’t actually appeared – I was shocked, I can tell you and its been there for over 24 hours as well!

    A mistake by a weekend mod, or a new strategy? Right, I’ll keep it up and see what happens and of course report back here on CiFWatch.

  26. Can you lot keep pretzelberg-

    he’s obviously sympathetic to your agenda and his tedious faux-impariality crap on CiF threads is such a bore.

  27. Good deeds on Mitzvah Day……..what could be so bad about doing good deeds.Yet this innocent article managed to attract the usual nutjobs of the Guardian.The usual blow-flies who smell horse-shit.And live to post horse-shit.

    My post was submitted to moderation,there was nothing there that needed moderation.

    “Community standards and participating guidelines” i.e.

    Pro Israeli posts will be deleted,posts that try to counter covert or overt anti semitism (think Berchmans and CO.) will be deleted.

  28. @ StickyMickey

    Please do elaborate on your post directed at me.

    What’s your moniker on CiF?

    @ Moderate

    “Pro Israeli posts will be deleted”

    That’s nonsense, i.e. in terms of standard policy (yes, in practice).

    Please give yourself a new moniker.

  29. pretzelberg

    “Please do elaborate on your post directed at me.”

    I was talking about you……..not to you!

    “What’s your moniker on CiF?”

    Not so simple pretzie-wetzie…..

    How about you start guessing and if you guess correctly, I’ll confirm it. ;^)


    The (somewhat cryptic) clue is in my CiFWatch moniker.

  30. @ StickyMickey

    I repeat:

    Please do elaborate on your post directed at me.

    What’s your moniker on CiF?

  31. sababa
    Yeah, I had thought of that too, but finally decided it was the brilliance of my thought and writing ;D

  32. There seems to be a lot of posts from these “contributors” on CiF .Anyone who posts on that dumb site,is by definition a contributor.So what’s with the Big C.

    If BeautifulBurnout’s “contributions” are anything to by,I have a feeling that I know exactly what that Big C stands for.

  33. Stickey

    Your insults have been registered, digested and soon to be excreted. Open your mouth….NOW!

  34. Stickey

    I was taught not to spare an apropriate supply for persons in need especially not on Mitzvah day.