You make me sick

The toleration of antisemitic discourse on “Comment is Free” is simply breathtaking. Here’s a comment from the Shai Hermesh thread:

Yet comments like this are par for the course in one form or another simply because Guardian management abjectly refuses to ban commenters engaging in this type of discourse.

Alan, Georgina, Matt and Brian you all make me sick to the stomach.

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  1. The original of the portrait used as his avatar must be turning like a propeller in the Highgate cemetery reading the Guardian.

  2. I noticed that about 50% of the comments on the proHamas editorial in the Guardian yesterday were from a dunce calling herself EllyMiranda. Her comments were childish and she repeated herself in about 10 different comments. Her grammar was quite poor and her sentence structure was on the level of a 10 year old and her comments were all repetitive. But she was able to have all of her comments published. In contrast, many comments that smacked of being critical of the Guardian were deleted.

  3. Her grammar was quite poor and her sentence structure was on the level of a 10 year old and her comments were all repetitive.

    Which means that next year she will no doubt be offered a position as a features writer or as an editor for the Guardian.

  4. Duvidl’s Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud (Hat tip: Flanders and Swann)

    Verse: Rustbucket and Bella were bathing one day
    In a bathroom in Farringdon Road, Ee!
    While he scrubbed her tuches Belle was heard to say,
    “Do you think I am truly your toady?”
    On a tree by a hillside sat combing her hair,
    Rustbucket’s true toady, Georgina,
    Thinking Rustbucket oughta have a smarter daughter,
    “Eff Me” exclaimed Belle once she’d seen her.

    Chorus: Mud, mud, glorious mud,
    Matt too needs a mud-bath
    Coz Cif’s dud.
    Use a rustless bucket
    When aiming to chuck it,
    Let Rustbucket suck it,
    When slinging the mud.

  5. Hawkeye

    Nothing surprises me or will surprise me after the Guardian editorial yesterday. All’s fair in love and war. And isn’t the Guardian at war with Israel?

  6. The Guardian’s level of obsession and demonisation is such that one suspects that, in their heart of hearts, what the Guardian management likes best about Hamas is its commitment to kill Jooooooz.

  7. What is really shocking about the comments on that thread is the total lack of empathy for Shai Hermesh and others in his position. Even when an Israeli tells it like it is from our point of view, most of these CiF posters cannot find one ounce of sympathy for children growing up in the shadow of the Kassams. That just shows how far they have dehumanised us in their minds. I bet they show more sympathy towards homeless donkeys. So much for the season of goodwill..

  8. Notice how the “Zionist entity” allows these anti-Semites to slide around using the word they would like to – “Jews”.

    As if the Israel was two countries – a “Zionist entity” and “Jews”

    Anti-Zionism is simply anti-Semitism, and the use of the term “Zionist entity” proves it beyond a doubt.

    By the way – I like seeing all the thumbs down on these threads – it shows that berchmans, orwell, and their ilk are following what’s being written here. Eventually they will see the light. Poor old RayDelay is being deleted on home base so often, he’s also probably popping over here to read and register his disapproaval – but with negatives like that, who needs positives?

  9. More on “the Zionist entity”:

    Lebanon’s militant group Hezbollah released its first manifesto in almost 25 years this month, renewing its resolute position against the Jewish State. The organization’s leader Hassan Nasrallah told a captivated audience in south Beirut via satellite link from a hiding place that their resistance against Israel remained unchanged.

    What was different from early Hezbollah rhetoric, however, was the distinction made between Zionists and Jews, with Nasrallah plainly saying that their problem with Israel was “not because they are Jewish,” — lines which did not appear in the original 1985 mission statement, when their slogan was the “Islamic Revolution in Lebanon.”

    Yet it seems what Hezbollah says and what they do are two very different things. They say their war is not against Jews but on the “Zionist entity,” yet just a few weeks earlier they broadcasted a diatribe against the teenage Holocaust victim Anne Frank on their local TV station Al-Manar, renouncing her diary as Zionist propaganda.

    Their subsequent campaign to ban the book from the Lebanese school syllabus sent the 15-year-old, who wrote on the persecution of Jews during the Holocaust in Germany, back into hiding.

  10. Tom asked, “And isn’t the Guardian at war with Israel?”

    The Guardian has not only declared war against Israel, it has declared and prosecutes a thorough, unrelenting, vicious and virulent war aginst the very existence of the Jewish people.

    As has been pointed out:

    The Guardian has for years pubished a daily drip of anti-Semitic poison above the line, including articles
    – demanding Britain’s orthodox Jews assimilate
    – accusing Jews of crucifying Gibson
    – implying the Kennedy assassination the fault of the Jewish state
    – making European Jews guilty for Israel’s actions
    – implying Jews control the Foreign Office
    – demanding European Jews show no group identity nor support of Israel
    – insisting Israel must disappear
    – providing a platform for Arab orgnisations sworn to genocide of Jews
    – sponsoring and promulgating a multitude of devices (such as Churchill’s play) to stimulate and spread hatred of Jews
    – lambasting orthodox Jews for not assimilating
    – implying them all child molesters
    – insisting they have no right to determine the definition of their religion
    – and on and on and on, ay after day, year after year.

  11. Whoever Elly Miranda actually is, she sure is popular among the editors of CIF. She writes the same drivel over and over again and makes the same grammatical errors again and again. Yet every bit of her drivel is published in the Guardian’s CIF Watch. I suggest a meeting between Elly Miranda and Tony Lerman. I can imagine the two of them dreamily coming up with new terms of derision for the State of Israel.

  12. Indigenous1,of “sderot”is stolen palestinian land,Fact” fame on the Shai Hermesh tread,is a classic CiF anti Israeli poster,dumb,clueless,one who emits hot air from both ends.

    Another classic (as mentioned above me)is Ellymiranda,these two could be one and the same poster,they both post in the same vein,clueless dumb and dumber.

  13. The Guardian,their staff,their nasty posters,their Theobald Jews (I prefer to call them self-loathing Jews) the Berchmans,Moerans and Co,all these people are the epitome of evil.