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This is a guest post by Margie in Tel Aviv

Jimmy Carter seems to be defined more by what is lacking in him than by what he presents. I have always thought that his photograph was that of a boy who had aged without going through a period of maturity. Remarkably his book, Palestine Peace not Apartheid lacks mention of the Holocaust – one of the most prominent historical features of the twentieth century and a central factor influencing developments in the Middle East.

In his recent article in the Guardian (when I could bring myself to read it), I was surprised that he was coy about revealing the name attached to a UNHRC report, “The UN general assembly approved a report issued by its human rights council that called on Israel and the Palestinians to investigate charges of war crimes during the recent Gaza war, but positive responses seem unlikely.” Why didn’t he mention that this was the Goldstone Report, a name that would make it instantly identifiable to anyone reading the article?

His article also revealed the fact that for him the conflict in Gaza lacked context. It was Israel destroying buildings that others had invested a lot of money in that concerned him. Why Israel did that is not relevant to his purpose.

The strangest note of all was struck by a sentence in the concluding paragraph

“Without ascribing blame to any of the disputing parties”

Consider that this man wrote a notorious book not so long ago describing Israel as an Apartheid regime and start wondering why this change happened. The answer was revealed to us within a week of publication of the article in a two-part serial in the first of which he made kissykissy noises to the Jewish community in an open letter to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

All was revealed in the next episode when we heard that his thirty-four year old grandson is considering running for public office. Grandpa was cleaning up his image to pave the way for the next generation proving for us once more that the old peanut vendor’s judgement is worth nothing. If grandson is like grandfather the voters would be wise to keep away.

The drama being played out before them didn’t bother the Bigots’ Brigade one whit though. They responded with their usual enthusiastic hatred well to the fore on hearing the name of Israel.

He has a battery of fans in the Bigots’ Brigade who manage to remain as ignorant as Carter himself. This first one still believes that the battle of Jenin was a ‘massacre’


19 Dec 2009, 9:01AM

I have discussed ways to assist the citizens of Gaza with a number of Arab and European leaders and their common response is that the Israeli blockade makes any assistance impossible.

During one of the usual Israeli blockade after Jenin massacre, truck loads of AlMarai milk for the Gaza residents from SaudiArabia were turned back from Israeli check point because the quality wasn’t good enough. Israel will never find a partner for peace with Palestinians which is nothing but an excuse for illegal occupation. It’s high time for bold action but a great expectation, given the fact that the petty politicians are complete sellout to zionist handout. A bold statesman is the need of the hour. Thanks for the nice article

The myths continue flowing. Bass can always be relied on to provide one


19 Dec 2009, 10:02AM


The Palestinians in Gaza have elected a party of religious zealots

Racists like Lieberman and Netenyahu you mean?

who do not want peace and will never settle for peace from the Israeli’s.

Yet it’s the Israeli’s who are killing thousands of civilians. Israel kills with impunity and you pop up saying the Palestinians don’t want peace. That makes sense only if your beliefs triumph over reality which is clearly the case here.

This is clear and absolute.

To you, and Netenyahu and Leiberman, because you believe it to be so and as you’ve shown, reality cannot be allowed to intrude.

Therefore, they must live with the consequences of electing said officials.

Translation: Therefore it’s ok for the side I believe in to kill and maim any number of Palestinians in the full knowledge it will not be the responsibility of my side in any way, it will be the fault of the person I’ve just shot.

It’d take more than Jimmy Carter to penetrate concrete this thick. The very first post says it all @adamitinerant, Israel doesn’t want peace. It wants land and doesn’t care one iota how it gets it. In fact from the perspective of the racists in charge, the more death, the less problems later on.

Thousands of civilian deaths Bass? Don’t know much arithmetic do you?

Here’s a hero who doesn’t know much about the Middle East but doesn’t let it worry him. What he doesn’t know he makes up and if it seems a bit weak he just adds something he might have heard about somewhere in the world but isn’t sure where.


19 Dec 2009, 4:08PM

you’re quite flannery, it was a big mistake for the Palestinians to aggree to any Jewish immigration, and an even bigger mistake to trust them when they promised to employ them and compensate them when they allowed zionists to run their farms

What’s an antisemitic comment thread worth without moron’s contribution – true or not, apt or not, relevant or not


19 Dec 2009, 10:49AM


Israel doesn’t want security as much as it wants someone else’s land

Here’s a nice one: a prime idiot who doesn’t know that Israel gave Gaza to the Palestinians but imagines they want to take it over.


19 Dec 2009, 11:39AM

Excellent proposals from Mr. Carter, but unfortunately Gaza is not a priority for our or any other terrorist friendly government.

What with its prime beach front and off shore gas reserves Gaza is set to become Israeli property.

Here’s a surprise: after thousands of posts, telling people that they are stupid and idiots and making things up, we find that Papalagi doesn’t realise that the barrier protects Israel in the Westbank and not Gaza!


19 Dec 2009, 12:28PM

Israel was afraid of Obama during the campaign. More than any other recent American leader, Obama had shown understanding for the Palestinians. The pressure to change that begun early. Obama still made a speech in Cairo which aroused expectations. But meanwhile Obama gave up completely the idea of promoting justice and peace and of garanteeing basic human rights of the Palestinians. Obama has been neutralized completely. The “Israel lobby” was successful, they stoped the nomination (?) of some people who might be critical of Israel. Rahm Emanuel and others seem to be able to garantee conformity to the Likud agressive line.

Like with their nuclear weapons which Israel can keep under the condition that they refuse to recognize having them even if everybody know that Israel has stockpiles of nuclear weapons, Israel can keep the occupation, and the oppression of the Palestinians if they pretend to have good will and to want to negotiate peace, even if we know that this is not the case.

Lieberman has admited that this is a game for Israel: Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Thursday evening, stressing that the most recent overture was a tactical and temporary move. (…) “Like in soccer, you make tactical moves sometimes. It is clear to everyone that in ten months, we will be building again full force; anyone who understands anything knows this.” (from the Jerusalem Post).

The situation of the people in Gaza is terrible. Israel destroyed everything, killed people, instituted a reign of terror against Gazans. American submissiveness and cumplicity is shocking, European passivity is scandalous, Israeli callouness, violence and inhumanity towards the Palestinians, the impunity that they demand, their lack of a moral orientation concening the Palestinians is incredible.

A link about Gaza (the text above is my own text, not the text of the link bellow: Illegal wall exacerbates disaster for Gazans

For a finale, there is someone who like Carter doesn’t need facts and manages to connect Gaza with a concentration camp in the snidest fashion – but in keeping with all the other geniuses I’ve discussed, has not a smidgeon of proof to hang it on.


19 Dec 2009, 1:44PM

Israel has no intention of letting Gaza be rebuilt. They, with the acquiescence of the west in general and the United States in particular, are going to let 1.5 million Palestinians suffer indefinitely under increasingly miserable conditions. Wonder what happened to the “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign that disappeared from Auschwitz? The Israelis are going to erect it over the Karni Crossing.

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  1. Great job Margie

    I never noticed that he didn’t refer to the report (in his article) as the “Goldstone” report. I wonder why he didn’t(?).

    Carter’s Presidency is the measure by which all Presidents are compared for failed policies – like the one that allowed the Islamists to claim power in Iran. During Bush’s last year in office (I believe), Carter met with Hamas. Hamas was only too happy to use the visit of a former US President and human rights activist to legitimize the terrorist organization as an “elected” representative of the Palestinian people. Carter is truly a useful idiot for Hamas (which got me moderated on that thread). He is in every sense of the word an appeaser that the Guardinistas are proud to support. Of course they love anyone that is clearly so biased against Israel.

    His book, “Peace Not apartheid” is cited considerably by the left, and you certainly don’t need to read the book to infer that Israel is a racist state – which was clearly the objective of the title. He probably did as much damage to Israel as anyone because most people considered Carter reputable.

    Please no more Carters in office. One was enough.

  2. Carter is an old fossil.

    His use of the word Apartheid to describe the one Western Liberal Democracy in the Middle east is just so disgusting that no words can fully express my revulsion at him.

    The single state in the Middle East where women have equal rights to men, homosexuality is legal and all its citizens are considered equal under the law and Carter uses the word Apartheid.

    Not that Israel doesn’t have its serious faults but even then, to ‘tar us’ with the ‘A’ word shows the depths of his hate and sorry state of mind.

  3. Great selection of comments from the “no-clue” brigade — one of the most endearing ones: papalagi on Rahm Emanuel enforcing the Likud line….
    Re. Carter’s complaint that the Israelis ruin buildings financed by international aid — well, yes, remember the refugee camp of Jenin, that Palestinians proudly described as “Martyr’s capital”? Maybe international donors should worry a bit what exactly their aid supports?

  4. When Carter says “I was entirely wrong in my comparison of Israel with apartheid”, that will be the day forgiveness can be considered.

  5. Louise, thanks for your support and for that article by Ed Koch. A comment posted there shone a bright light on Carter’s motivations:

    I was staying at the resort in White Sulphur Springs in W. Virginia in 1981 when the freed American hostages were brought there after their release from Iran. Carter came to visit them and held a prayer meeting. I listened at the back while he prayed for peace in the ME and “the end of the Jewish State which is an abomination to Christ”.

  6. Margie, well done.

    Carter very being in the world is insulting full stop, but most insulting is that he thinks that people are unintelligent enough not to see right through him.

    He shows signs of the double think so beloved of the “poor” Islamists with whom he sympathises when he seems to believe that any backtracking on his part – in order to pave the way for his grandson – will be swallowed unthinkingly.

    Louise – I wouldn’t accept an apology from Carter, and was going to say that I shouldn’t hold your breath if I were you, but when UK politicians whore themselves for Muslim votes and try to convince us that night is day, then Carter’s apology may come. Whether he would mean it is, of course, quite a different matter. For such as he words are cheap particularly when he makes the mistake of thinking that we are as stupid as he is.

  7. I hate to say this, but I would probably vote for Sarah palin before I voted for anyone connected wuth Jimmy Carter.

    He is an Arab shill, paying off his debt to the Arabs for bailing out his peanut farm via BCCI (remember the BCCI scandal?).

    He is now trying to claim that the title of his book is misleading he- never claimed that israel is an apartheid state, merely that it would become one. And that anyway, jason is running in a district with only 2% Jewsih voters. And he’s always admired israel … etc.

    Unfortunately for him, many jews who know himand worked for him have distanced themselves from him, and their actions speak louders than his words.

  8. Funny coincidences. There are a couple of article running about “militant” (i.e, Moslem” engineers being responsible for terrorist attacks:

    Whitaker on CiF:

    Beware the militant engineers

    Is there a connection between the mindset of those who study engineering as a subject, and violent extremism?



    Why do so many terrorists have engineering degrees?


    Here’s another curious one, from a comment on the Ed Koch column

    Mr. Carter graduated fromm the U.S. Naval Academy with a degree in Nuclear Engineering.

  9. Just so there’s no misunderstanding, the Build-a-bomber article is from Slate, of course, not CIF.

    Curious, of course, is the way that the headers of both articles are so PC and don’t mention the religion of the engineering bombers …

  10. Carter has gotten away with alot, due to the fact that the MSM does not investigate the past of people like Carter. In Carter’s presidential memoir, called “Keeping Faith”, Carter made a scathing and borderline antiSemitic attack on Yitzhak Rabin. Carter may have removed the offensive paragraph since Ribin died but it was right there in the 1984 first edition. Carter told a bizarre story about how when Rabin was in Washington, D.C. he invited Rabin to go to Amy Carter’s bedroom and watch Amy sleeping. Carter said said Rabin turned down the request and he (Carter) resented it and considered it a personality defect in Rabin. First, let’s look at the creepiness of Carter’s offer to Rabin. What father wants a perfect stranger to enter his daighter’s bedroom and watch her sleep? Imagine how scared little Amy would have been had she awakened and observed a perfect stranger staring down at her. What father beside Carter would want to put his little daughter through that?
    Second, consider how egocentric Carter must have been to decide that part of his MidEast policy and his view of Rabin should be based on Rabin’s polite decline of entering Amy’s bedroom. Carter on the same page writes derisively of Rabin’s personality and he wonder how such a “weak man” as Rabin could be a general. Carter knew nothing of Rabin’s service to the Haganah and how he led desperate troops to holding the line in Latrun in the 1948 war. Carter had zero combat experience but he ridiculed the idea of Rabin as a general. Carter also ridiculed Rabin for not understanding the plight of the Palestinians and for not understanding that the Palestinians were the aggrieved party in the Mideast conflict.

  11. Harve Smithfield.

    Thank you for that information. It is all new to me.

    It certainly ‘fits’.

    Even when Carter was president, I saw him as something dangerous. I believe that he mentioned that every night, he prayed to gOD to help him.

    I don’t think that George Bush every claimed something so ridiculous for a US President to do.

  12. …that the Palestinians were the aggrieved party in the Mideast conflict.

    And they are, as even Ben-Gurion admitted.

  13. Excellent job of connecting the dots, though I find it unlikely that Jimmy could say anything at all to anybody that would be able to whitewash his past comments.

    This man succeeded in causing so much damage to the American psyche while in office, he should stick to quietly lusting in his heart.

  14. RepublicanStones

    “And they are, as even Ben-Gurion admitted.”

    Seems like you’ve hit a bit of a sore point there…

    Incidentally — I tried to rate your post ‘up’, but the mechanism is only allowing a ‘down’ rating for some reason.

  15. Republicanstones/vacuumcleanersuck:

    Now look what the vacuum sucked up!

    So the Palestinians are “aggrieved”.. Would be interesting to know what motivates them, if they aren’t. Very incisive…mmm…And so what? This is the heart of the matter – that the Palestinians have an axe to grind or, rather, detonator to trigger?

    These rabid anti Zionists always seem to appear so puffed up when they get down to their “forensic” level of “uncovering” a statement from a recognised Zionist. For them it constitutes “case closed”. No “ifs” and “buts” and counter arguments; no call for compromise and addressing the realities which have evolved over scores of years of history.

    Well, however aggrieved the vacuum forensics boys may identify the “Palestinians” as being, they need to go on aspirating a little more till they manage a genuine reality check on the situation as a whole. Without it, their posts will continue to be nothing but propagandistic and inciteful (as opposed, I hasten to add, to “insightful”).