William Bapthorpe unequivocally advocates the murder of Jews on Blincoe thread

Take a look at this absolutely shocking comment from a regular below the line commenter on CiF, William Bapthorpe, which appeared in the recent Nicholas Blincoe thread.

This comment is a stark demonstration of how the drip drip delegitimization and demonization of Israel is now translating into openly advocating the murder of its Jewish citizens. And William Bapthorpe expresses this in no uncertain terms: “they must be slaughtered, every last man, woman and child“.

What sick depraved mind would even consider thinking such a thing let alone commit it to writing? And what is worse, William Bapthorpe has generally been one of the milder anti-Israel bigots when it comes to the I/P threads.

While this comment has now been deleted, William Bapthorpe has not been banned for this comment. If you like me have a problem with that, please take the time to email Georgina Henry, executive editor of CiF at and demand that she explain why William Bapthorpe has not been banned and why it is that “Comment is Free” has become an incubator for such openly antisemitic discourse. Lets see if there is even a shred of decency in her to act upon this.

Perhaps also one of our readers would be kind enough to pay a visit to a local police station and lodge a complaint as I believe that incitement to racial hatred is a crime in the United Kingdom.

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  1. abandon hope for your Swiss Watch (or whatever) or for your intelligence. What a sort of a dumb remark was yours at 2.06pm?

  2. HairShirt

    abandon hope for your Swiss Watch (or whatever) or for your intelligence. What a sort of a dumb remark was yours at 2.06pm?

    Sorry I just thought “Swiss watch” was funny I really am Abandon Hope. My whole life has been directed by left wingers ..principly Jews. The concept of left wing anti Semitism is a foreign one to me I think you mean “anti Semitism” .

    The lurch to tar criticism of Israel with anti Semitism is very pronounced on this thread I dont know why I am surprised.

  3. Berchy

    “………The concept of left wing anti Semitism is a foreign one to me I think you mean “anti Semitism” ……”

    That’s obvious, none the less, its never too late to learn.

  4. Abandon hope, you pay no attention to context and have little udnerstanding of historical events and their developments. The genesis of the holocaust began with the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union – which is what I was talking about – and of course, party functionaries means members of the Communist party. You are not raining on my parade, but pissing down your own leg.

  5. Swiss watch

    You can be be left wing you can be anti Semitic but not both.

    So how about West German radical Ulrike Meinhof, who praised the murder of the Israeli athletes in Munich?
    Not forgetting the two German RAF members who participated in the Entebbe hijacking – separating Jewish passengers for special attention …

    These individuals considered themselves left-wing, and they are widely also thought of as such.

  6. Wassamatter Berch, is CiF getting boring? Is that why you’ve come here to make yourself a figure of fun?

    Does Georgina know you’re out?

  7. Charles Moore in the Spectator (16 Jan 2010):

    “Where did the following comment on Jewish West Bank settlements appear? ‘Sadly, there’s only one way to deal with these religiously motivated maniacs who think their superstitious beliefs trump international law. 1. We ask them to leave their squats, kindly, 2. If they don’t we force them to at gunpoint 3. If they still refuse they must be slaughtered, every last man, woman and child.’ The answer is not some neo-Nazi or Islamist outlet, but Comment is Free, the website of the Guardian. The comment was posted there on 6 January by one ‘William Bapthorpe’. It was later removed, but apparently Bapthorpe has not been banned from the site, though others quite often are. There is something grimly revealing in his formulation that there is ‘only one way’ to deal with the settlers, before he sets out three. It shows that he does not seriously entertain the first two of his possibilities, but jumps eagerly to his final solution. Something strange has happened on the British left. Its hyper-sensitivity to racism no longer applies to Jews. And its most-read website daily attracts and often publishes this sort of virulence in a way which, so far as I know, does not happen on the websites of the Telegraph or the Times. Websites of this kind are valued by their owners because they want to create a conversation and a ‘community’. What community is the Guardian creating?”

  8. I laboriously typed it from my hard copy of the Spectator. I tried to find the link on the Spectator’s website but I suspect it may be behind the paywall. If I suss out how to do this, I’ll put the link on this thread.

  9. I first discovered this forum at a time when I was bored and had nothing to do. And I quickly realized that that it was predominated by others who likewise were bored and had nothing to do. When have so many words been so impotent in their thrust!

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