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  1. “The bottom line is stay within the lines”.
    This rule applies only to pro-Israel posters,and even when these posters stay within the lines, they still run the risk of being either moderated or vaporized.

    For the he other side these lines mean nothing they can merrily dance around them.

  2. In the “truth economics” stakes Duvidl had previously thought Georgina was the favourite, but the pack of lies above shows Matt coming up at a gallop on the outside. Here is Duvidl’s recent tribute to the truth economics of the coven in song:

    As Slime Goes By
    (to the tune of “As Time Goes By.” Hat tip: Herman Hupfield/Casablanca)

    You must remember this;
    That coz Georgina’s pissed,
    A lie is still a lie.
    The fundamental truths don’t apply;
    She’s rather die.
    Though Matthew will insist
    His lies must not be diss’d,
    Georgina won’t comply.
    She’ll always welcome truth economics
    As slime goes by.

    Bridge:Fibs, phallacies and falsehoods,
    Accepted; no debate;
    One hint of Cif Watch
    Georgina will castrate;
    Israel’s due for bashing;
    Cif can’t wait,
    And Rustbucket won’t pry.

    It’s still the same old poo-poo.
    She’ll lie the lies and hooodoo.
    She’ll buy that guise of voodoo,
    And Matthew’s voodoo doll incise.
    His slime runs dry. (repeat with new last line:)
    As slime goes by.

    DS Al Coda