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  1. Iran is supplying terrorists ???? Look you can say that sort of stuff here where accuracy plays second fiddle to throwing darts at Israeli critics.. but on CIF you have to prove stuff.

    THH ‘s post is simply trying to piss folk off ..believe me I know.. having often … in the past …tried this tactic my good self.

  2. Yes Berchmans you are quite right – if you are pro-Israel you have to substantiate your comments with proof because anything you say is to be doubted yet if you are an anti-Israel poster you are given free reign to make the wildest accusations, regardless of the truth and regardless of how antisemitic or bigoted the comment.

  3. What a crock. That Iran supplies Hezbollah. That the Taliban and some Iranian Shia groups have been found using Iranian designed or built weapons is completely uncontroversial. But since when did cif insist you had to prove allegations like that? So suddenly cif is like a center of academic excellence?

    You can call Israel an apartheid state, without providing any evidence, but you can’t say what the US and NATO have been reporting back for years?

    Yep, Berchmans is your typical cif moderator material, spectacularly uninformed and prejudiced.

    Keep chugging it down, Berchies.

  4. Actually…

    “You can call Israel an apartheid state, ”

    I would never do this…not because there are no similarities with SA .. but because it automatically pisses folk off…exactly what THH tried to do. He posts here …ask him what his motivation for posting the above was…I like him ..he will tell the truth.

  5. ‘I would never do this’

    Maybe not. But, as you know, it is ubiquitous on the cif you a moment ago claimed required proof from all for all claims but, suddenly, now seem to admit only requires selectively for certain claims.

    Glug, glug, bawbag!

  6. The only thing wrong with the post was the use of the descriptor terrorist.

    There is no disagreement about whether Iran is or is not supplying weapons to terrorists, you just can’t call them terrorists.

    They are noble freedom fighters, gloriously defending their rights and standing up to an oppressive regime, nod nod wink wonk, cough, gag gag.

    CiF shooting itself in the foot again, neo-libs on steroids.

  7. Abandon Hope

    on CIF you have to prove stuff.”

    That’s a contender for the most ridiculous comment of the year. I almost feel embarrassed for you.

  8. Abandon hope,

    Perhaps you should. Iran has been supplying terrorists with weapons for a helluvah long time. Not only that, they have been funding and training them. I believe it was way back in 2002 that the Karine A, a vessel loaded to the gills with Iranian weapons and explosives bound for Hamas, was intercepted by the Israelis. The stuff was stored in watertight tanks which were to be dropped overboard to be brought ashore by Gaza terrorists.

    It’s unsurprising that the terror-supporting “Guardian” would censor such information. It broadcast twin, the BBC, has been doing the same thing for ages. I have tried getting the info through on various HYS programmes, only to be continually blocked by the “moderators.”

    As long as you stick to lefty publications with their tunnel vision and rigid agenda as your sources, you will remain ignorant.

  9. peter1: “you just can’t call them terrorists.”

    I’m guessing that’s bang on the money. The BBC’s editorial guidelines definitely avoid the use of the term ‘terrorist’ in favour of ‘militant’ for all of the groups that THH mentions. She also stated allegations as facts. Deleting such a post is hardly the stuff of conspiracy.

    I’d have to say it’s one of THH’s milder faux pas… it’s possible that the CIF mods have become a little trigger happy when people report her posts.

  10. Also…. I’m kind of interested to know how this image was obtained.

    It suggests that THH might well be an alias for one of the contributors to CIFwatch… and also that the original screenshot was taken under the assumption that the post contained something that would trigger deletion (eg. the use of the term ‘terrorists’ or the statement of unsubstatiated claims as facts).

  11. One mans terrorist is another freedom fighter .
    I Fully agree with that , but i have every right to call them terrorists as for me they are terrorists ,Calling the IDF a terrorist organization ,Israel a terrorist state , and on and on ranting about the stern gang is always acceptable on CIF so why Hamas and Hizbullah can be marked as terrorists?
    Im a man dude.

  12. Another thing
    the UK ,The EU and USA recognize Hizbullah and Hamas as terrorist organizations , so why isn’t that ok with the guardian ?

  13. This is a really ridiculous argument. Is the truth mentioned in the community standards to post? And if it was, how many would last (especially above the line)? The reason the post was deleted was because the fucking moderator felt like deleting the fucking post.