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  1. Richard Tebboth

    These pictures ARE from a memory card of one of the activists. But I suppose that until your fantasy of Israeli troops murdering nice old ladies isn’t fulfilled you’ll find a way to ignore any evidence not to your liking.

    Wouldn’t hold my breath on these pictures getting into the Guardian front page either.

  2. I heard some wonderful spinning of these pix on BBCR4 1:00pm news programme as proof that the caring flotilla mercy activists were taking the Israeli soldiers down to the hold to get medical attention…..

  3. These are the pictures that appeared in the Turkish newspaper Hurriyat Tebboth. They consider them authentic. Next time you visit the Pope teach him how to be Catholic.

  4. “We await the pictures and video taken by the activists which many reports say were confiscated by the boarders.”

    Jeez, some people refuse to get it.

  5. This is a prime example of the results of cognitive dissonance, as Mitnaged has written here.

    This chump Tebboth is really hostile to reality, too.

  6. Interesting comments – I note that you all use pseudonyms; why the anonymity?
    I know people who were there; I look forward to hearing their first-hand accounts.

  7. Some people’s points of view aren’t worth having because they just don’t relate to anything.
    The man on the stair – who wasn’t there.

  8. Richard Tebboth, why are you using your real name? Are you hoping for the Hamas equivalent of a knighthood, or to be greeted and seated at the right hand of Ahmadinejad? Be careful what you wish for if so.

    What makes you think that the people who were there will know the truth if the past accounts are anything to go by? If the people you know are associated with these thugs and you are doing the equivalent of name dropping, what does that make you?

    What sort of a person is proud of having useful idiots for friends?

    You should be ashamed to post under your own name, that being the case. Those of your friends who are not useful idiots may be so ashamed of their association with you that they might encourage you to sail with the next flotilla..

  9. these pictures received some, but not a lot of coverage here on British broadcasting outlets, of course.

    I have had a bit of fun with a similar “war” that might break out betwen Wales and England, linking back here.




    “Now, fair play! Right? England is an evil power. Right? The opprobrium of the entire world is on its head after this latest incident where they boarded an Irish peace-and-supplies ship packed with new rugby kit and food and stuff off Milford Haven with the resulting carnage – nay “massacre” of the troof. What’s more all our kit was lost overboard!”

    Dai ap continued,

    “It’s all Labour’s fault, especially that Blair man. If they hadn’t allowed devolution in the first place we’d have struggled along nicely thank you just hating England at rugby internationals. Instead, what have we got? I mean, it’s not as though there wasn’t an exemplar for this democratic deficiency. Look what happened in the long-forgotten Israel and Gaza conflict when Hamas played its part in the democratic mix. If they hadn’t given us devolution…”, Mr Dai-Ard paused to rethink his words, then continued, “We, er, we’d have scored another try, wouldn’t we?”


    You might wish to listen to the great Welsh choir “Only Men Aloud” and their stirring rendition of “Guide me O Thou Great Jehovah” with its references to Jordan – “land me safe on Canaan’s side.” People who fail to understand the significance of these historical references (to Christian and Judaistic traditions and struggles) completely fail to understand how freedom, democracy and inclusivity developed in today’s world (thus far!). The video’s at the end of the blog.