A Turkish used-car salesman writes for the Guardian

This is a guest post by AKUS

Just when you think that facts can be no more distorted at the media IHOP* (International Home of Palestine) under the banner “Facts are Sacred”, they serve up this incredible piece of nonsense, and it is not even Thanksgiving**:

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!! Peace, justice, and prosperity – and the American way!! Go Turkey!!

*IHOP – aka as “International House of Pancakes” – a well known chain of pancake restaurants

**Thanksgiving – an American holiday when millions of turkeys are devoured by Americans.

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  1. Isn’t this yet more evidence of the effect of falling for their own rhetoric? They are like children who believe that if they say a thing enough times then it is true and they believe that it IS true!

    It must cause them considerable discomfort when most sensible people don’t fall for it or, worse, challenge it.

    This utter guff could only be published and taken seriously on CiF which long ago lost contact with reality itself.

  2. AKUS

    The assault on Turkey continues .. the pointing..the insults …. Time to hold up a mirror to your adopted country rather than ploddingly trying to poke fun at a country brave enough to confront the spoilt brat face on.

    It wasnt Turks who killed those people in foreign waters last week.

  3. @Heres:

    Actually it was Turks who killed those people. Insani Yardim Vakfi (IHH). The people that paid for the mission killed those people on the boat.

    I guess they weren’t familiar with Israel’s (60+ year) desire to defend its borders? Or maybe they were and that’s why the leaders of Free Gaza and the IHH didn’t travel along? Hell, even Cyprus knew enough to ban these guys from using their ports.

    So what did we learn from this….crossing an active international naval blockade is probably a bad idea. At the very least you may want to ask if it’s really seriously being enforced or just kinda sorta. (FYI, Israel tends to be on the really seriously side of the spectrum)

  4. Berchmans, do you do this for a dare? I’ve never come across anyone as impervious to evidence, proof and reality as you are.

    The Turks were hoping that people would be killed. Why else be photographed getting tooled up for a fight and all this guff about wanting to be “martyrs”

    Why else the cabaret on board before they set about about the massacre at Khaybar of their prophet’s Jewish allies.

    What sort of everyday evidence do you believe? How full is your whiskey bottle and whether you can wobble up to get another drink?

  5. This could be going on under his nose, Yohoho and he’d deny it was happening.

    Berchmans, wakey wakey – look at this:

    and in particular the footage from the Mavi Marmara which shows the Turks getting tooled up to kill Israeli Jews from 1.47 onwards on the video.

    Now unless you believe that this is being beamed in through your fillings (in which case you are in big trouble) what’s to deny or not to believe?

  6. Give it up, HairShirt

    Remember that you are talking to a moron who believes that the footage of the beatings and attempted capture of Israeli commandos on the Mavi Marmara was actually evidence that the Turkish thugs were “helping” them. (The dope had forgotten that minutes before said thugs had been trying to kill them).

    Actually Berchmans, have you ever thought of loaning out your brain for psychiatric research, while it’s still in your head? You must be the best living example of the capability to hold two massively conflicting ideas in the mind at the same time and believe both of them.

    Just think, you could make a fortune

  7. There’s something about an organization called “Insani” which makes me a little crazy …

  8. Well, I don;t know if the Guardian ended the year in good shape as “Chief executive Carolyn McCall insisted” but she certainly did!! On the other hand, it looks one one significant cost saving may have been to throw her overboard.

    Pre-tax losses at Guardian Media Group almost doubled to a record £171 million in the year to March.

    Chief executive Carolyn McCall insisted: “GMG ended 2009-10 in good shape. Significant cost savings during the year led to a fall in operating losses before exceptionals.”

    GMG is owned by the not-for-profit Scott Trust, which exists to protect The Guardian in perpetuity.

    McCall, who is leaving as chief executive, received a 32% pay rise including a £143,000 bonus.

    Her pay and bonus was £658,000 — up from £498,000 a year earlier — but her total package rose to £810,000, including a £152,000 pension contribution.

    Holy cow!

  9. Turkey not only has Islamist leanings,it finances,encourages,and promotes Islamists,this has been going on for quite a while now,Israel knew it ,the Americans knew it too,and so did everyone else.

    Schmoozing with the likes of Iran Syria Hezollah and Hamas,was a dead give away.

    No one bothered to mention this till now,so as not to annoy the Turks.After all they were a loyal ally of America and Israel.In fact Obama still considers them a valued ally.

    Now that the shit has hit the fan,Israel will have to change course.

  10. Turkey turned feral after they were scorned by the EU.

    Hell hath no fury like a Turk scorned in love.

  11. The Guardian would have to be a great place to work for,they give away bonuses for stuffing up,and you can give your daughter a good paying job,

    Nepotism isn’t something that bothers them,not if it involves the boss’s daughter.

  12. I wonder if Berchmans too was given a bonus,Berchmans after all is their strongest supporter, and he is very good at handling tiny little things.

    Merkava’s, F16s,and dozers.Come to mind.

  13. Yohoho

    Berchmans, do you do this for a dare? I’ve never come across anyone as impervious to evidence, proof and reality as you are.

    Well. You obviously have never had an email exchange with Porgina.

    There are many similarities.

  14. Turkey has lit the bonfire that it will be roasted upon.

    Turkey is lost to the West. The extreme lefties will have a celebration. Demographic changes has reduced the influence of the secular Turks and it is only a matter of time before Turkey becomes just another failed Muslim country.

    NATO will be upgrading ALL its contingency plans to adjust to the hard fact that Turkey can never be trusted again. Alternatives will be found for all the Nato and US military bases in Turkey.

    One problem. Oh No.

    Israel has suddenly become more important than ever to the West and the US in particular. (Obama – take note).

  15. The cold war was over a while back,Turkey isn’t such a strategic asset to the Americans as it once was,and even then they were a very unreliable ally.

    Most of the educated Turks have left Turkey for the West,leaving behind the
    the peasant supporters of the current Islamic leaning regime.

  16. benorr – Agreed. But even a less valuable Turkey is still a loss to nato which has to supply troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Still, the old southern Islamic republics seem interested in friendship with NATO and the USA so there are alternatives.

    I believe that there are huge US airbases in Turkey but, I would imagine that they have been downgraded over the past 20 years and are little more than transport bases now. But I don’t really know.

    Strangely enough, the big winner seems to be Israel. Not that The Guardian Faithful would ever see it that way. Publicly at least.

  17. I saw the piece yesterday. It was already closed for comments.

    When I saw the early reference to the “bloody act of piracy” I thought: hmmm … perhaps not quite the objective perspective I’d been hoping for.

  18. censorship is free, do you hear that gurgling sound?

    It’s al-Grauniad circling the drain

    Oh praise be to the gods of deserved retribution!

  19. Thank heavens no Islamic nation is in the EU, otherwise more creeping Islamisation (or not so creeping). Hang on a minute – the UK, whose politicians have permanent backache, so long have they bent themselves out of shape trying to “understand” Islam and the thugs it supports – is rapidly going that way.

    And benorr, of course Turkey would turn feral if what it saw was its entitlement was challenged or disallowed. It’s a Muslim country after all. Not for it to accept that others may not see it as the centre of the universe as it does.

    And I doubt that BellaMackie is paid very well either if her Daddy can get away with just giving her a job which pays peanuts. Perhaps no-one else will employ her.

  20. My main beef with CiF’s article (apart, that is, from the generally low standard of guff and its obvious failure to distinguish between fantasy and reality) is the title. Does anyone else have the same gobsmacked reaction to “Turkey” and “honest” in the same sentence?

  21. actually, I have never seen a HIGH standard of guff…. that seems like a contradiction in terms…. hmm….

  22. “Does anyone else have the same gobsmacked reaction to “Turkey” and “honest” in the same sentence?”
    Perhaps it is set to become proverbial: as honest as Turkey, meaning as Islamic as the Pope.

  23. ‘It wasnt Turks who killed those people in foreign waters last week.’

    It wasn’t Israelis who set first about Turkish jihadi wannabe shahids with staves, bars, knives and guns.

    From a state that has killed 10s of 1000s of Kurds, bans the Kurdish language, threatens to expel 100s of 1000s of Armenians if the you know what is mentioned to them in public, jail journalists for the same, and seeks to enable Hamas to import whatever it wants to further its eliminationist jihad against any kind of Israel.

  24. But I am glad The Guardian allowed posters to raise the subject of the you know what to this ass’s face (horrible thought).

  25. ‘Thank heavens no Islamic nation is in the EU’

    The EU’s dragging its feet over including Turkey (admittedly Austria played a big part) has contributed to this slide away.

  26. Shouldn’t it be iHop?

    This could be the latest must-have accessory for the many dhimmis at the Guardian and elsewhere – “hop higher with your iHop” as strapline.

  27. A dear friend, a devout Catholic, raised the analogy of “Hey ho Silver” Erdogan’s hilarious (because he must have known that he couldn’t ride the horse) equestrian escapade to the Bible story of Balaam’s ass.

    I re read the story.

    Interesting analogy.

  28. Yohoho

    “Thank heavens no Islamic nation is in the EU, otherwise more creeping Islamisation ”

    There are 57 communists in the state department. Time to root them out…where is my torch and scythe Frau Blucher ? ( neigggghhhhh)

  29. Abu Berchmans, not as good a joke as the one about Erdogan’s steel underpants.

    Not heard it?

    You can’t be part of the “in” crowd then

  30. Hey Abu Berchmans, have you seen this from your favourite Israeli newspaper:

    Note particularly:

    “…. Mehmut said that “once we see that the boats [were] around us…actually not us, but around the total ships…about two hours [before the takeover]… I see they were cutting the steels…chains. And I said to the chief officer, he collected all of them and also we put it in the radio room in the bridge.”

    “The captain also indicated that he had thrown some of the bars and chains into the sea, while adding that he also asked IHH activists to pass over the bars and chains that had collected later on.

    “Tuval said he sent his chief officer to ask for the bars, “saying …he cannot take directly from the guys..he spoke with the IHH to collect the [steel bars and chains]…we asked them to drop them, drop in the sea, because if they take it from the bridge that’s when we have a problem…and [after that] we didn’t see any in their hands.”

    “The Mavi Marmara captain said he was indeed worried that the presence of the makeshift weapons would worsen the situations, adding he thought that nothing would eventually happen since the IHH commanders were at hand to prevent any violence.

    “I was worried but if their [leader] on the ship that there would be no effect, nobody will fight… I said many of times because I know the end,” Tuval told investigators, adding that he thought that nothing would happen since there were civilians on the ship”

    “Asked whether or not he knew if the IHH activists were preparing a violent welcome to the IDF takeover, Tuval said that “they were preparing to violence against the soldiers: Yeah from what I was informed.”….

    So remind me, who did you say was responsible for the deaths on board the Marmara?

  31. Yohoho – I always warned our increasingly silent friend Freedman that one day the Guardian and its readers would turn on him, and, like Balaam, he came to curse Israel but was forced to bless Israel.

    And so it came to pass.

    There is a lot of received wisdom in some of those old bible stories.

  32. One thing good that might come out of Erdogan’s folly,is that the Turkey of Erdogan and his butchers will not get into the EU.

    The Islamization of Europe stops here

    There are still some decent people left in the EU,not all of them write shit about Israel in the Guardian.