Dead Jew; No News

The Jerusalem Post reports that an Israeli police officer was killed in a terror attack yesterday in which Fatah affiliated al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade claimed responsibility in retaliation for the flotilla incident.

You’d think that this would be newsworthy of the Guardian to report especially given the flotilla angle. Think again.

So far there has been no coverage of this.

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  1. Proudly claiming responsibility for the death of a human being and the wounding of three others is the mark of the terrorist.

    Any moral body regrets the loss of human life and the necessity for taking it, explains why it happened and attempts to fit what is the ultimate penalty into their pattern of survival and legality.

    The Guardian in ignoring this death is merely continuing its pattern of showing that Israelis are never granted individuality or humanity by them. You will never find a story in the Guardian about an injured/talented/outstanding Israeli child. They don’t exist for them. This is a war technique. The enemy has no names or faces, no grandparents or grandchildren. They have no birthdays or anniversaries. They are the enemy, not human beings.

    To the Guardian we are the enemy and those who claim responsibility for killing, those who blow up Twin Towers and tube stations are oddly enough on their side.

  2. Margie is exactly right, we are not human beings to them, we are uppity untermenschen who need to be eliminated so that Guardian readers can feel better about themselves.

    Even the New York Times, no friend to Jews or Israel, carried this story.

    I understand that Yehoshua “Shuki” Sofer was to be married in two months’ time. I am so sorry for his family, but especially his bride who has been robbed of the man she wished to spend the rest of her life with, and with whom she undoubtedly wished to have her family.

    I also feel constrained to point out that his murder was facilitated by the checkpoints which were recently removed in that area. I hope the great humanitarians of B’tselem are pleased with what they have wrought. I have given up hope that the Europeans will ever develop consciences or decency so I am quite certain that they won’t give a damn.

  3. Margie, of course you are right, but I believe that what the Guardian thinks or how it perceives is more an index of the darker recesses of its collective mind than of the worth of the Jews who die at the hands of Muslim terrorists.

    Barely a mention is given either to the others who are killed at the hands of Islamists, and particularly not of their fellow Muslims – it seems that this actually embarrasses al-Groan and CiF and causes it much mental discomfort. The idea of Muslims as victims of other Muslims cannot be held simultaneously in that collective mind with the notion that Muslims victimise others in the name of their religion.

    I am sorry for the loss of Shuki. His death is proof positive that these animals cannot be trusted to make a lasting peace and that Hamas cannot control them and therefore cannot be said to represent them.

  4. You are correct mostly harmless. These children are the victims of your terrorist enablers exactly like Gilad Shalit.

  5. We remember these children, and those who used them as shields.
    We also remember how they were indoctrinated before being used as shields:

    We also have loads of pictures of buses, cafes, restaurants blown up by your good friends at Hamas. These are bloody pictures of men, women and children torn in pieces – except that we don’t use them in the media like your buddies who use the bodies of their humanshields to brainwash bleeding-heart idiots like you.

  6. Margie

    Proudly claiming responsibility for the death of a human being and the wounding of three others is the mark of the terrorist.

    Actually they were probably peace activists dressed up as terrorists.

  7. Of course this is not ‘news’ for the Guardian – to report such an event would add too much ‘complexity’ and would ‘divert attention’ from the ‘real story’ – Israel as the brutal colonial exploiters and cold-blooded murderers blah blah.

    The Guardian’s core obsession is to demonstrate that Israel is the worst country in the world and – this is slightly less conscious – that Jews exert underhand pressure on those ‘who criticise Israel’ blah blah.

    Don’t believe me? Think I’m exaggerating? Just look at this article: “BBC Trust’s Sir Michael Lyons reaches out to Jeremy Hunt”. What does this have to do with Israel and Jews, I hear you ask? What indeed – but the Guardian manages:
    There will be an opportunity for the BBC Trust to make changes this autumn, as eight of the 12 trustees come to the end of their four-year terms and are due to stand down unless reappointed by 1 November.
    They include the vice-chairman, Chitra Bharucha, a doctor specialising in haematology, who receives £77,000 a year.

    Alison Hastings, who represents England, Rotha Johnston (Northern Ireland), Janet Lewis Jones (Wales) and Jeremy Peat (Scotland) are also coming to the end of their four-year terms.

    The other trustees who may depart are the economist Diane Coyle; Dame Patricia Hodgson, principal of Newnham College, Cambridge; David Liddiment, former ITV director of programmes; and Mehmuda Mian, a lawyer.

    Lyons, a former leader of Birmingham City Council, comes to the end of his own four-year term in April 2011.

    A senior BBC source said that such a mass expiry was unprecedented, and of major significance.

    A ninth trustee, Richard Tait, who chairs the editorial standards committee, which made the controversial ruling over Jeremy Bowen’s broadcast about Israeli history, steps down in July.

    That is now the descriptor of Tait – that he chaired the committee which criticised aspects of the sainted Bowen’s ‘reportage’. Nothing else he has done is of importance.

  8. And again the obsession is expressed and this time on the letters page of the Guardian/Observer.

    Seven letters are published and the first letter only concerns itself with Israel. A Mr Dixon describes himself as ‘baffled’ by Nick Cohen’s ‘pro-Israeli stance’ but he is not baffled – he is enraged – and concludes: “it’s time to face the truth, Nick: the total oppression of the Palestinians, appropriation of their land, ceaseless building of illegal settle-ments and intimidation or murder of its opponents make Israel a rogue state.”

    So what is the heading for this letters page – why to repeat Mr Dixon’s assertion as fact:

    Israel’s abuse of Palestinians makes it a rogue state

  9. It looks like Harriet Sherwood is continuing to “flout” the rules of reportage by not reporting “lethal” attacks on israelis.

    But when it come to reporting from the other angle, she shows no such concerns:

    Israel last night flouted pressure for an independent international inquiry into the lethal assault two weeks ago on a flotilla of ships attempting to break the blockade on Gaza, announcing an internal investigation with two foreign observers.

    A new face at the desk but somehow the pre-programmed laptop keeps pumping out the same old stuff.

    Then she had to backtrack, but still managed to leave the same subliminal message intact – next article:

    Israel’s cabinet today approved plans for an internal investigation with two foreign observers into the lethal assault two weeks ago on a flotilla of ships attempting to break the blockade on Gaza.

    The basic rule is:

    No Palestinians killed or injured = no news.

  10. Your headline, ‘Dead Jew; No News’, is chilling and spot on.

    How terrifying that many of those who have marched in the numerous pro-flotilla parades around the globe probably think this way.

  11. @ Serendipity:
    “and that Hamas cannot control them and therefore cannot be said to represent them.”

    This was in Hebron, where Fatah’ controls the area.

    sadly recently there was much engagement between the Palestinian security forces and the IDF in positive ways.

    this sad event is a set back.
    The intial claim was by an unknown group called “The flotilla martyrs”.
    Salam Fayed denounced it.,7340,L-3905212,00.html

  12. Thanks, Itsik, that is, of course, what I meant :~)

    It’s good that it was denounced though.


  14. Hawkeye

    Yehusuha RIP.

    Heres hoping he wont be used as a political football. Im sure others feel the same and would agree if another poster were to say so.

  15. Was the story reported anywhere? The Times had a double page spread on Gaza today but no mention of that killing.

  16. B : “Yehusuha RIP.

    Heres hoping he wont be used as a political football. Im sure others feel the same and would agree if another poster were to say so.”

    I second that.
    I’ll add that I hope the Flotilla sorry event and attempt to discredit Salam Fayed’s hard work will not be used as an excuse to vent anger or frustration.
    60 years of living under tribal attitude and UNRWA large handouts messes with your karma.
    If you ever had one.

    It’s time to ditch the revenge attitude and walk on your own two feet.
    It’s time to break the mould and question the Arab rhetorics of the past 62 years.
    “Im Tirtzu Ein Zo Agada” (If you want it, it is not a fantasy), Theodor Herzl.

    As long as the Arabs continue to view Fadayeen mentras as valid it will never work.
    When they bring them to justice and act things will start working.

    Sadly one can only hope they continue their cooperation for both our people’s sake.