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  1. Would the Guardian ever publish this video, not least for balance? Or would it instead censor any mention of it?

  2. Somewhat schmaltzy, but the part in the middle of the F-16 pilot ‘Yonatan’ was worthwhile hearing.

  3. Magnificent! Now we know why Col Richard Kemp called the IDF the most moral army in the world.

  4. ‘Ahhh those poor Israeli soldiers – they are the real victims.’

    No. Not -the- ‘real’ as opposed to ‘unreal’ victims. But (no plural indefinite article) victims, real, of a kind i.e. of misrepresentation.

  5. zkharya, agreed. mostlyharmless is talking just to hear himself speak.

    Toko, of course the Groan wouldn’t publish this. It’s contrary to the GWV, and to CiF’s “ethos” which I don’t expect has changed one jot under its new management.

    Thanks for publishing it here, Hawkeye

  6. What are you chatting about zkharya?

    Should have known – it could only have come come from that great Isreali propaganda machine, AIPAC. Why not just post a permanent link to their YouTube channel?

  7. ‘What are you chatting about zkharya?’

    I would have thought that was self-evident: such soldiers are victims of serious misrepresentations, ‘real’ if not ‘the’.

    As to AIPAC, even a stopped watch is right, twice a day. Perhaps if your objections were less blanket, and more argued than asserted or written with the blunt instrument of your “irony”, you wouldn’t sound so ignorant and prejudiced.

  8. Discernment, Armless, is about holding fast to the good, and rejecting the bad.

    e.g. some of that report was a bid dodgy, e.g. using photos of Hamas playing or posing with kids (there were some of IDF, too) to supposedly illustrate human shield tactics, despite the fact there is plenty of evidence they Hamas do so.

    e.g. the interview with the F-16 pilot, who reported that most of his missions were aborted.

    Anyone who is serious about understanding this conflict will note such things, for and against their particular views. We all have premises and biases. I make no secret of my ethnic connections and sympathies.

    But a bigot will not be remotely interested in making such discernments, of whatever persuasion he or she may be.