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  1. Does the Guardian even give a damn about these people that were killed and maimed NO.

    These sick murderers were just expressing themselves in the only way that they know how.

    Instead the Guardian posted another anti-Israeli article by an idiot called Johnathan Freedland,and the usual Guardian stooges were out in force,posting their usual anti-Israeli tripe.Some of their post were down right bizarre,does the Guardian pay these people to post this shit.

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all.

  2. There is an article about the 2005 bombings,By Murtaza Shibli,he laments that muslims have been stigmatised enmasse,no comment that it was wrong that these people bit the hand that fed them and gave them sanctuary,and instead went about killing as many people as they could.

    This article was put up in haste,and taken off in haste.I wonder why.

    No mea cupla,these people were their heroes,perhaps they would have liked them to be be our heroes too.

    Israeli’s study how to prolong life,these people study how to cut it short.

  3. I watched the BBC programme, 7/7 Saved by a Miracle on Monday. It brought the whole thing into a focus of the hundreds of personal incidents which happened on that awful day rather than one homogenised event.

    Each person has or had a life, friends, Mothers, Fathers and relatives which brought out the reality of loss, grief and the individual horrors of the day.

    A complete waste of lives perpetrated by four vain, self centred young men with egotistical hate in their hearts for the country they had chosen to live in.

    There is no acceptable defence for this kind of atrocity and any offset of blame they and their fellow travellers attempt should be treated with utmost contempt.

  4. I second the sentiments in this article.

    benorr, this is the typical Muslim self-pitying stance, where they manipulate themselves, the perpetrators (for the bombings were done in the name of Islam and were Islam not the hate-filled system it is then these wretches and others like them would not have flourished) into the victims and demand that we feel sorry for them for having “victimised” them.

    logdon, having been saved by a miracle myself that day – I delayed my departure to answer a telephone call and by the time I had finished everything was in lockdown – I found that programme very moving.

    “There is no acceptable defence for this kind of atrocity and any offset of blame they and their fellow travellers attempt should be treated with utmost contempt.”

    Hear hear.

  5. Just wanted to second the above comments.

    My thoughts are with all victims of terror around the world.

  6. logdon, I reserve my anger and, yes, hatred, for the people and the environment which deliberately cranked these idiots up and who are given a free pass, again and again, by the UK government which is deaf, dumb and blind to the dangers that environment presents.

    Every time I hear that we should “work harder to understand” why these murderers are among us, I want to puke.

  7. Derek, as I have said above, in my opinion the parsimonious explanation for the proliferation of such rubbish is that the Guardian’s diminishing fortunes are being supplemented by donations from Islamist governments or organisations.

    However, as Ariadne said when that point was made elsewhere on this blog, I don’t know how we could find out whether that is the case.

  8. I don’t want to understand why these people believe I am inferior because I refuse to believe their benighted take on the world, and consequently they want to bomb me back to the Dark Ages. Strangely enough, it’s probably nothing personal, since they wipe out their own people with as little compunction as most of us would swat a mosquito, but that doesn’t make me any less willing to compromise anything.

    No, I want them stopped by any means necessary. It’s a mistake to play nice with these animals, and trying to “understand” them into being decent people who are good citizens has patently not worked and they use the democratic freedoms we offer as a method to undermine us further.

  9. SarahLeah, Yohoho and others, herewith the Australian take on Hizb-ut-Tahrir, the extremist charmers who crank up the hatreds of the animals who go out and kill and maim, and whom Clare (thick as two) Short (planks) invited to tea in the House of Commons. Originally seen at Harry’s Place:

    The fun starts at 2:10.

    Can anyone imagine a UK TV presenter being allowed to behave like that towards one of our Islamist chums?

    More power to her, say I. It’ll be a cold day in hell before the Beeb or other TV stations follow her example.

  10. “There is an article about the 2005 bombings,By Murtaza Shibli,he laments that muslims have been stigmatised enmasse,no comment that it was wrong that these people bit the hand that fed them and gave them sanctuary,and instead went about killing as many people as they could.”

    Benoor, what are you talking about you fool? “biting the hand that feeds them” “giving them sanctuary” You do realise that all of the 7/7 bombers were British Citizens, born and bred here….

    Or is it just that you dont believe Muslims cant be real British citizens?

  11. Let’s face it Mehdi, these Muslims could not be.

    If you can post here any link from Muslims or on behalf of Muslims which unequivocally condemns Islamist terror (and I note that you do not) and does not seek to apportion blame for that terrorism anywhere else but where it rightfully belongs, ie with the perpetrators and supporters of it, then I will take your contribution here more seriously.

    There’s deafening silence in that regard from so-called moderate Muslims about Islamism. We hear little or nothing in unequivocal condemnation of Islamist excesses – instead there is bleating and attempts to shift blame and responsibility.

    For every Islamist would-be “martyr” there must be scores of supporters and their families who are silent.

    So what sort of British citizens are these, pray?

  12. Hear hear, HairShirt.

    Far too often there is the Bunglawala Manoeuvre whenever such people are confronted – that yes, suicide terror is wrong but… and then comes a string of excuses as to why Muslims are “driven” to such infamy.

    It seems that, according to the likes of the Bungler, Muslims/Islamists operate on a different plane from the rest of the human race. It’s somehow never their fault if they resort to murder and mayhem. Someone else is always to blame for forcing them to behave like thugs.

    And Mehdi don’t you agree that the British bombers on 7/7 were Muslims and killed in the name of Islam? They had support in Britain too, from other Muslims. Were they robots or did they have a choice? If they had a choice NOT to kill and maim, why were they so weak that they did not make it?

  13. Mehdi, do you think the suicide terrorists thought of themselves as British or Muslim or both?

  14. I have just seen an announcement by the MCB which is strange, in that it condemns unequivocally the bombings.

    But it does not condemn suicide bombing per se.

    Then it turns around the discussion onto how British non-Muslims perceive Muslims to be associated with terrorism. I kid you not. There seems to be a massive disjunction between any awareness of the fact that Muslims ACTUALLY DID bomb people in London, in the name of Islam, and any realisation that British suspicion, at least, of Muslims is understandable in the light of that. More importantly, the statement seems not to show any awareness that such suspicion will take a long time to decay, particularly while a certain spokesman of the MCB (see below) keeps putting both his feet in it.

    When I remember that MCB is the Bungler’s outfit and what a sneak he is, I am inclined to take this statement with sacks full of salt.

  15. I couldn’t care less why these people do these things that they do,all this endless bloodshed,whatever their reasons and excuses are just don’t interest me.

    What I would like to know is why,all these free passes forgiveness that they receive,and all these excuses that are made on their behalf.They actually hail these atrocities.

  16. Mehdi Nafti.

    “All these 7/7 bombers were British citizens all born and bred here”

    Nowhere have I mentioned otherwise,that they weren’t born and bred in Britain.

    Being born and bred in Britain should have given them a feeling that they owe Britain some gratitude,and not go on a killing spree,killing innocent men women and children.

    As to British muslims being real British citizens,I don’t see why not.

    But they have to break this nasty habit of wanting to kill people that have done them no wrong.

  17. It seems that eating frogs and snails might cause some serious mental problems for some.

    “When France was under occupation by the Nazis, all the French resistance were terrorists too.”

    1. The French resistance was considered terrorists only by the Nazis.
    2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the French resistance didn’t get its fame for intentionally targeting civilians.
    3. Comparing the French resistance to the terrorists of Black September is desecrating the memory of those brave French men and women who gave their lives for their country.

    These are only the first three points that render your comparison an utterly disgusting one.

    People who make comparisons like those are either of the two:

    1. Those who would call the French resistance “terrorists” (see point no. 1 above).
    2. See first sentence of my comment.

  18. Sorry, my comment above was misplaced. It should have gone to the “White Washing Black September” thread.

    More relevant to this thread:

    “Or is it just that you dont believe Muslims cant be real British citizens?”

    Assuming that you meant “you don’t believe Muslims can be real British citizens”:
    Has anyone said that Muslims cannot be real British citizens?
    Those British Muslims who live in Britain peacefully, do not try to force their values on the majority and unequivocally condemn terrorism are worthy of their British citizenship. Now why do I get the feeling that you don’t meet these criteria?
    BTW, what do you have against apostrophies? In my opinion, people who leave their countries in order to enjoy the fruits of Western civilizations like liberty should at least make an effort to learn the language of the countries that take them in. Even more importantly, they should also at least learn to co-exist with the basic values once held dear by Europe like respect for civilian life.

    As you might know (although I can’t be sure), “Mahdi” means “the guided one”. How nice it would be if you were guided by the above mentioned European values… But maybe the real Mahdi will arrive before that happens.

  19. The values of those writing for the Guardian are repulsive and obnoxious in the sense that they appear to have the attributes of a fervent embrace of death, whether pusillanimous or otherwise is not quite clear, and that consequently the life-force or thymos of these writers is mean-spirited if not altogether lacking.

  20. Derek,

    Their motives are very shabby, hypocritical and devious.
    There seems to be a toxic mix of antisemitism-scapegoating, nostalgia for the British Empire, a Lawrentian attraction towards the ‘noble savage’, the secondary effects of an unresolved Stockholm syndrome, a frustration with the Middle East impasse, ennui – bolshevism/marxism – and who the hell knows or cares what else !

    It would need a brilliant sociologist-psychoanalyst-psychiatrist to diagnose the Guardian’s problems.

  21. Yes and that person would be Renee Girard with his Violence and the Sacred – unanimity minus one: in this instance the perpetual scapegoating of the Jew who has to be cast beyond the city’s walls. Or off the planet altogether.

    It’s a shame that Britain’s intelligentsia is missing in action. Did it ever have one I wonder?

  22. Derek, when intelligence is so undermined by atavistic hatred then it is terminally compromised isn’t it?

  23. Yes, I suppose so, and it is sad to observe a nation descend into unintelligence and a primitive barbarity, though, despite my earlier, sarcastic remark, I would admit that the British Isles have produced a few sparks in their time.

    This might be the problem – there was never an intelligent community here, only a few bright people now and again, and therefore susceptible to this sort of recrudescence.