Notes to angry CiFfers

This is a cross-post by Michael Merrick of Outside In

Occasionally I pay a visit to the foreboding tundras of CiF, and reflect on the absurdity of the angry natives that I see. Well, specially for Stuart, here are those reflections nicely gathered together.

If anybody has any to add then please do; the more we can get the better.

Note to angry CiFfers – stating an opinion as a fact is not the same thing as stating a fact as a fact

Note to angry CiFfers – that fellow CiF commenters agree with you is not, in itself, evidence that everyone agrees with you

Note to angry CiFfers – it is churlish to mock the idea of revealed scripture whilst treating everything in the Guardian as unblemished truth

Note to angry CiFfers – shocking words and phrases lose their capacity to shock when constantly repeated, by everybody, all the time.

Note to angry CiFfers – holding contradictory opinions whilst vociferously asserting them both to be true undermines credibility somewhat

Note to angry CiFfers – being perpetually irrational does great harm to your claims of upholding reason in the face of religion

Note to angry CiFfers – buy a dictionary and look up the word ‘bigot’. Better still, buy a mirror

Note to angry CiFfers – swear words are not a convincing substitute for either logic or reason

Note to angry CiFfers – screeching personal abuse is not an intellectual trump card. It does not automatically win an argument.

Note to angry CiFfers – as unblemished as you undoubtedly are, people who disagree with you are not, by definition, evil

Note to angry CiFfers – by all means evangelise your gospel, but doing it online under a pseudonym is unlikely to be terribly effective

Note to angry CiFfers – employing biblical literalism to condemn Scripture is as silly as employing biblical literalism to defend it

Note to angry CiFfers – divinising Terry Sanderson is an ineffective means of arguing against religion and faith

Note to angry CiFfers – your general comments do great harm to your claims of enlightenment

Note to angry CiFfers – ‘left’ is not synonymous with good, and ‘right’ is not synonymous with evil

Note to angry CiFfers – mocking belief in flying spaghetti monsters is ineffective invective against those who do not believe in flying spaghetti monsters

Anybody else…?

(h/t Stuart of eChurch Christian Blog)

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  1. Note to angry CiFfers – calling people racists because they attempt to explain that customs are different in the ME to those in dozy old Europe is a waste of time.

  2. Note to angry CiFfers – ‘left’ is not synonymous with good, and ‘right’ is not synonymous with evil

    Left is not synonymous with Extreme (Looney), Left either.

    The Israeli LEFT is not the EU LEFT, is not the US LEFT.

  3. Note to angry CiFfers:

    – a list of facts do not prove knowledge because those lists tend to lead to Kontextverschiebung (context displacement – Spiros Simitis has intelligent stuff to say about it)

    – claims that International Law is unambiguous is irrefutable proof of ignorance of all matters legal but may qualify you for first class jobs at certain entities who’ve never heard the term “opinion”

  4. Last time I went there, and that is some time ago for obvious reasons, some idiot called me a Likudnik.

    That was meant to be derogatory!

    Pathetic, they are like schoolkids who have learned by rote from Mein Kampf. Nothing original, just the yawn inducing crap.

    Not to worry, the Guardian is sinking fast.

    Next? The BBC who are still reeling in denial about Labour’s loss. And the fact that Israel is the only functioning democracy in the ME.

    Hopefully this new coalition will take note and act accordingly.

  5. Silke the one about the sanctity of ‘international law’ is a fatal stumbling point for the unenlightened who can’t bear things to be untidy. They will drag it in like my cat bringing in a bird that it has just killed, in great triumph, not understanding how life-denying the gesture really is. To them, there’s no room for error or debate: all is clean-cut and the Israelis are the villains.
    QED, no need for discussion.

  6. I hope they keep going in exactly the same way and directions as that they have been doing up to now.

    It’s silly and self defeating for them,it helps us expose them,and best of all it’s very amusing to see them twist themselves into knots.Some of their comments are so dumb and way out that you have to wonder which Perti-dish were these specimens concocted in.

    And the more pro-Israeli posts that they delete,the more they expose themselves to be the nasty racists that they are.

    There is a new kid on the block,called CiFWatch,and that is really pissing and setting them off.

    Let’s keep sticking it to them.

  7. Condemning Iran for sentencing a woman to a death by stoning but then at the same time showing solidarity with Hamas who on their best behaviour burns alive, castrates, beheads and throws its opponents from top of the buildings is what’s called being a hypocrite.

  8. Note to angry CiFers Repeating the same, tired senseless arguments which have no basis in fact does not magically turn them into arguments which are based in fact! And also along the same lines

    Note to angry CiFers In spite of the fact that a billion people believe a stupid thing, it is still a stupid thing;


    Note to angry CiFers A lie about Israel and Jews is still a lie. However many times you may repeat it it will not magically become true just because you’ve repeated it!

  9. logdon, I shouldn’t hold your breath if I were you.

    After all Nick Clegg is well known for his ignorance about what Hamas actually IS and what it WANTS and is far too eager for my comfort to buy into its lies.

  10. Note to angry CiFers

    Reality testing what you are told is not against the law in the West!