New map of LAF attack on IDF troops along Israel’s Northern border

Courtesy of Elder of Ziyon:

The blue line is “The” Blue Line. The black line is Israel’s fence on their side of the internationally recognized border. Note the location where the IDF suffered casualties and the site where the brush-clearing work was being performed relative to these lines.

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  1. This was premeditated murder, and someone should be brought to justice.

    It’s interesting how all the experts on international law that incessantly accuse Israel of breaking that law have nothing to say about a murder committed across a clearly demarcated border that was established by that paragon of international law, the United Nations.

  2. As the anti western, anti Israel Guardian writer, Brian Whitaker, suggested, wars have started over less.

    Plain and simple. Murder.

  3. We are waiting for the commission of inquiry that will investigate Lebanon’s crimes of wanton murder and its president’s blatant warmongering.

  4. I know you mean well, Adam – but pretty much everyone has accepted or said from the outset that it wasn’t the IDF’s fault. Everyone, that is, except for e.g. a couple of nutters on CiF who are still referring to that story of events as Zionist propaganda etc.

    @ Tom Wonacott

    … wars have started over less.

  5. THH, take your own advice. And show me the mention in that article of Lt Col Harari’s death.