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Hate March in London yesterday: “We are all Hezbollah”

Al Quds Day London Demo 2010:

As Jonathan Hoffman noted:

The Al Quds Day march is the biggest annual Israel hatefest in London. It is nothing more than a march of Ahmadinejad supporters, a front for the Mullahs. Today there were many Hezbollah and Hamas flags, slightly altered to prevent their owners being arrested for offences against the Terrorist Acts….This hateful march should never have been allowed to take place. “We Are All Hizbolla Now” and “Zionism Equals Racism” were just two of the racist chants.

Here’s one of the videos from the event:

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  1. This is sickening and evidences how sick the UK society is, when people who support terrorists and terrorism are guarded by police.

    However, shocked though I am, I am not surprised. The UK society is blind to the dangers which face it, when its leaders are terrified of offending Muslims but not Jews and others.

    When will the worm turn? Where is the line in the sand for the UK government and for the ordinary person who loathes being dictated to by those with stone age mentalities?

    How many lunatics and hangers on were at the hate fest?

  2. Does anyone remember the scene from “The Life of Brian” in which he tells the slavish crowd, “You are all individuals!” and they repeat it mindlessly, save for one loner who says “I’m not”?

    Doesn’t map directly onto these intellectually-challenged one-track minds, but how many people who can think for themselves would be seen parading with a banner saying that they were “all” anything?

  3. In this video clip there didn’t seem to be much of a crowd and it all seemed rather disorganized. Is this impression correct? Perhaps some onlooker could elaborate.

  4. “Tiddley” Ridley, who exchanged the tyranny of alcoholism for the tyranny of Islam is a complete twonk, isn’t she? On the one hand, I think to myself, well, if that’s the best they can do…. but on the other they were out there, visible and on the streets. How many were there?

    Why are pro-Israel supporters so docile in the face of this? Those against them do it because they can and because they are not stopped.

    Why don’t supporters of Israel hold a similar march? They would surely get police protection, wouldn’t they?

  5. Hamas boast about, and exult in, the killing of Jews. Is it any wonder Islamophobia is increasing when their racist supporters parade in the streets?

    Ordinary decent folk in the UK are becoming ever more disgusted with the way some Muslims are conducting themselves.

  6. @SilverTrees “when people who support terrorists and terrorism are guarded by police”

    It has nothing to do with being guarded, the police are there to maintain public order. If you could see beyond your own little viewpoint it’s something the police have to do at all such events, be they edl, ira, uda, striking workers, climate campaigners, etc. etc. Do get off your high horse and be glad we still live in a society where such protest marches can still take place, no matter how distasteful they may be.

  7. @Yohoho

    If there is anything to be learned from the Life of Brian, it is the scene where the sheeple start splitting off into different groups.

    “FOLLOWERS: …Look! Ah! Oh! Oh!

    ARTHUR: He has given us a sign!


    SHOE FOLLOWER: He has given us… His shoe!

    ARTHUR: The shoe is the sign. Let us follow His example.

    SPIKE: What?

    ARTHUR: Let us, like Him, hold up one shoe and let the other be upon our foot, for this is His sign, that all who follow Him shall do likewise.

    EDDIE: Yes.

    SHOE FOLLOWER: No, no, no. The shoe is…

    YOUTH: No.

    SHOE FOLLOWER: …a sign that we must gather shoes together in abundance.

    GIRL: Cast off…

    SPIKE: Aye. What?

    GIRL: …the shoes! Follow the Gourd!

    SHOE FOLLOWER: No! Let us gather shoes together!

    FRANK: Yes.

    SHOE FOLLOWER: Let me!

    ELSIE: Oh, get off!

    YOUTH: No, no! It is a sign that, like Him, we must think not of the things of the body, but of the face and head!

    SHOE FOLLOWER: Give me your shoe!

    YOUTH: Get off!

    GIRL: Follow the Gourd! The Holy Gourd of Jerusalem!

    FOLLOWER: The Gourd!

    HARRY: Hold up the sandal, as He has commanded us!

    ARTHUR: It is a shoe! It is a shoe!

    HARRY: It’s a sandal!

    ARTHUR: No, it isn’t!

    GIRL: Cast it away!

    ARTHUR: Put it on!

    YOUTH: And clear off!

    SHOE FOLLOWER: Take the shoes and follow Him!

    GIRL: Come,…

    FRANK: Yes!

    GIRL: …all ye who call yourself Gourdenes!

    To those of us who don’t need an all seeing sky fairy to come to terms with our own being and mortality, the above describes the religious very accurately.

  8. spike, would the police still allow protests against Islamism? How come this protest, in support of terrorism and terrorist organisations, was allowed to take place at all? In what way do you think it benefited British society as a whole? Did it add to its peacefulness or detract from it? Did it add to social cohesion or detract from it?

    I’d really appreciate your considered opinion.

  9. Andy Gill: “…Ordinary decent folk in the UK are becoming ever more disgusted with the way some Muslims are conducting themselves…”

    Yes, but what will be done about it?

  10. @ Spike,

    Remind me the last “support for the IRA” march which took place in the UK’s capital and had police maintain peace and order in?

    I’ve got all night….

  11. @HairShirt the police do allow the EDL to protest, and their very existence is supposed to based on opposing radical islam.

    @ItsikDeWembley So you don’t recall all the bobby sands stuff, the Birmingham 6 stuff? What about NI? It still comes under the UK?

  12. Spike you are correct about discribing some religions and some followers.

    But you are wrong about the main thing to be learnt from “Life of Brian”.

    BRIAN’S MUM: He is not the Massiah, he is a very naughty boy!

    Now go on and point the finger at me shouting “Yield Jew, Yield!”.

  13. @ItsikDeWembley the 🙂 you put at the end of your post speaks volumes for me about religion, if there was more 🙂 in religion, I honestly believe there would be a lot less 😦

  14. Indeed.
    As for the marchers in London I cannot comment much.
    But the ones carrying Hizbullah flags in Washinton DC, the same terror group who blew up 200 marines in Lebanon, that I cannot understand.

    This is like German tourists arriving in Normandy and pissing on the graves of those who died in D-Day.

  15. Did anyone think to play this, loudly?



    (With acknowledgement to Spike Jones & His City Slickers)

    When Hizballah says we is de master race
    We heil (pffft) heil (pffft) right in Nasrallah’s face
    Not to love Nasrallah is a great disgrace
    So we heil (pffft) heil (pffft) right in Nasrallah’s face

    When Hizballah says Israel is Muslim space
    We heil (pffft) heil (pffft) right in Nasrallah’s face
    When Hizballah says they’ll never bomb dis place
    We heil (pffft) heil (pffft) right in Nasrallah’s face

    Is we not the supermen?
    Islamist pure supermen?
    Ja we is the supermen
    Super duper supermen
    Is this Muslim faith so good
    Would you leave it if you could?
    Ja this Muslim faith is good
    We would not leave it if we could (we have to spread the da’wah)

    For we bring to the world da’wah
    Death to Israel and the da’wah
    Every one of every race
    Will come to love Nasrallah’s face
    When we bring to the world the da’wah

    When Nasrallah says we’ll murder all the Jews
    We heil (pffft) heil (pffft), although this is not news
    While Nasrallah brags and rants and lies and raves
    We heil (pffft) heil (pffft), and spread da’wah to our graves

    When Nasrallah yells, “I got to have more shells!”
    We heil (pffft) heil (pffft), and so we make more shells
    If one little shell would blow him right to hell
    We will heil (pffft) heil (pffft), and wouldn’t that be swell?