General Antisemitism

Why haven’t these comments been deleted?

Reader comments to Avi Shalim’s CiF essay, “This time in Washington, honest brokerage isn’t going to be enough”, included these  (none of which have been deleted by CiF Editors)

The Jewish/Israel Lobby controls U.S. foreign policy:

Jewish lust for blood; Israel delights in murdering innocent Palestinians:

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  1. Those cartoons are so interesting. Their concepts of Judaism are as naive as their artistic concepts. If you look at the snakes coming out of the American flag above you will see that they have mouse ears and triple, not forked tongues. Probably drawn by a 12 year old

  2. I thought this was one of the poorest, most recycled pieces we’ve seen in the CiF orgasm over the peace talks.

    To think that Shlaim is actually allowed to to teach, and presumably grade, work by students if this is the best he can do!!

  3. man, its like a broken record

    liberty, deir yassin, aipac, jewish lobby

    cant these idiots come up with anything new?

  4. Walt Kovacs, it’s a long list Deir Yassin and umm, now let’s see, Deir Yassin, that’s about it
    You must admit that they make the most of what they’ve got though and sometimes they get creative and make up a bit here and there.

  5. My post challenging pennine was deleted, presumably on the grounds that “some people don’t half talk some shite on this site” constitutes “personal abuse”.

    That said – the comments speak for themselves. Why the need to include those horrible cartoons?